Monday, 31 January 2011

Style Stalking... Tommy

Our blog roll is constantly evolving as we discover new favourite reads and bid a fond farewell to the ones which are sadly no longer with us. This is Naive, thankfully, is one which has been an ever present fixture. As stated on the blog itself, Tommy lives in London and she likes the beautiful and the good things. Her pictures and the accompanying musings have been a constant source of jealousy and admiration for us and her eye for detail really cannot be overstated. On top of all of this, she is a really lovely person!

Although she definitely has a fondness for the feminine (her baskets and embroidered tops are testament to this), I'm sure Tommy wouldn't mind us saying that her dress sense often tends towards a more masculine style given her love for vintage garments with hints of military and workwear. For this seven day style diary, Tommy took up our challenge to wear mostly men's clothes for a week. Over the course of the resulting week, she estimates that menswear constitutes about seventy per cent menswear of her outfits and she has done it in a way that we're certain that our readers will find both interesting and inspirational. Regardless of gender, there is a great to take away from the below set of images. Without further ado, here it is...

Day One
I have been in Paris for the last couple of days to see Hiroki Nakamura's Visvim presentation. Today is my final day, I just had a tarte au citron at Rose Bakery to remember Paris by.

Khadi & Co indigo scarf (its suggested use is a tablecloth), Thom Browne knit jumper, silk shirt from Yue Hwa department store in Singapore (it is made for Chinese granddads!), Edun trousers *, Vietnamese woven bag, Visvim hiker boots.

Day Two
Back in London and there is nothing to eat at home! So I have just been to the Sunday farmers' market and supermarket to stock up. The denim jacket belongs to my partner, I grabbed it off the rail and was amused that the pin badges on it match my trousers.

Old Levi's denim jacket, Patagonia boys' fleece jacket, old Royal Navy knit jumper, Brooks Brothers boys' button-down shirt, Goodenough chinos, Goro's leather bag, Bunney sheepskin mittens, Visvim chukka boots, Moroccan woven basket, Inverallan knit hat.

Day Three
Without a reliable photography assistant today but I found a helpful reflective surface in my neighborhood. I have just ferried a load of parcels to the post office.

See by Chloé knit scarf *, Inverallan knit cardigan, old French thermal top, 555 underwear t-shirt, Goodenough chinos, Lavenham quilted bag *, Tod's loafers, Moroccan woven basket.

Day Four
Windy! Rushing home after some errands to complete tax returns, thrilling Tuesday! I normally wear my gloves in a pair, by the way.

Khadi & Co indigo scarf, old German coveralls, old leather gloves, Head Porter tote bag, Wm. J. Mills & Co. canvas bag, YMC socks (made by Scott-Nichol), Nike chukka boots.

Day Five
Post-dinner at Andrew Edmunds in Soho with a visiting friend from Singapore. Freezing, just starting to rain, so we ducked into Liberty for cover. The coat, I know, is ridiculously big on me but it is precisely why I like it. Like playing dress-up when you are young in your father's coat!

Old French motorcycle coat, AFFA mohair knit jumper, Thom Browne for Moncler hat, unknown tartan scarf borrowed from partner's drawer, L'Etoile Isabel Marant trousers *, Head Porter tote bag, Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers (Undercover version from around 10 years ago).

Day Six
Visiting my friend, Jaja, and coercing her cat, Quincy, for a picture. I'm sure you'll agree that a handsome animal makes the best accessory.

See by Chloé knit scarf *, old Soviet-era padded jacket, old English silk and cotton shirt, Ralph Lauren trousers *, Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers, Poilâne linen bag.

Day Seven
Late night opening at Tate Modern, one of my favourite places to be on a Friday.

Old B3 sheepskin jacket, old English silk and cotton shirt, Bunney onyx studs (worn as buttons), old French cotton slip *, Poilâne linen bag, Hue leggings *, Nike boots *.
N.B. The starred items are womenswear.

Photography credits: Andrew, Jaja, Major Travel window, Liberty shoe department mirror.


Blink London said...

love that post. Great idea and well executed. She is a natural fashionista it seems, and the wearing if men's clothes just couldn't cramp her style!
I'll be checking out her blog now too. Ta!

Mat said...

really enjoyed this, she has some great finds i think everyone will agree. the first and the one with the long coat are my fav. yeah her blog is real pretty

ALEX said...

I like understated fashionista/o's like this particular lady - things like the orange pants, loafers, white dress w/ green pants + cat, fishing hat, furry boots w/ leapord glove, grey pants w/ blue hiking boots are simple items which spark interest. The rest of the outfit seems simple/relaxed and that's exactly what it is. The only one I, personally, don't like is the Asian stereotype white with those boots - although the leather jacket makes it work..!

ALEX said...

Plus - Tommy is a cool name for a girl!

Izzy said...

Great idea for a post, and Tommy is the perfect example of this! I've always been inspired by the images in her blog (though I find myself taking inspiration more from her feminine things), and now guys can get loads of inspiration from her outfits on here.

Klara said...

She fits perfectly in menswear!

Fashion Philosopher said...

I love her ideas, a table cloth as shawl, the German, I think it is from the army, jumpsuit. There is definately something adrogynous going on. I would wear some of her outfits. The Fashion Philosopher.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Blink London: Thank you, pleased that we could share Tommy with you.
Mat: Thank you and yes, This Is Naive never fails to inspire.
Alex: I love the B3 jacket, I want to steal it!
Izzy: Thanks! She has one of the best 'eyes' I've ever come across and we just had to share it.
Klara: She sure does.
Fashion Philosopher: Exactly! Previously, I would never contemplate fashioning a table cloth but why shouldn't I? There is such an enviable effortlessness about the way Tommy comprises her daily look.

sight said...

I love Tommy's style and her blog is one of my favourites, it's great to see that others love it too!

louise and nivaldo said...

Great blog!!

Karin - MexiCOOLCity said...

Ah those mittens you wear on day 2 are the best heating system ever! In Sweden we also have them as slippers as well ;)

Great post in general!!


Isabel Mondorf said...

Great Post. And may i ask what kind of cat Quincy is? It's beautiful!


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