Friday, 27 May 2011

Details: Real Vintage

The way in which sections of Tokyo enthuse over and embrace vintages, both in terms of a retail and consumer point of view, is very special indeed. This guy was head to toe in garments that were atleast one hundred years old and looked wonderfully fresh. Each item told its own story but I was particularly drawn to the long coat.

4 comments: said...

As an owner of a vintage shop I can certainly appreciate when garments from decades long gone are worn.

You fellas have a fantastic little blog, very inspiring.


Dandy Man said...

They do love Vintage in Tokyo almost as much as us Brits I think. They too are adept at marrying Vintage with contemporay pulling the look off with apparent ease. Great Blog by the way.

Brandon said...

I think perhaps the reason the Japanese love vintage so much is their philosophy of Wabi Sabi or the aesthetic of impermanence. A beautiful garment like the one this gent is wearing is coming to the end of its long life, it carries stories which have literally been scarred into it. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Tks for a great blog on vintage (here Tokyo) which I love - and a look at attention to detail. Quality lasts and is cool even when falling apart! Recently discovered a shop for "real men" in Copenhagen which - I found lots of detail and and cool designs. If I last that long I'll walk around in their vintage outfits in 40 years....


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