Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Discovering Tokyo...ID Dailywear

Whilst discovering one of the real highlights of my Tokyo trip in Labrats, I encountered another label of real interest just on the other side of the room. Good friends of Labrats, ID Dailywear have cultivated quite a following over the course of their first few seasons. The label evolved from from a seemingly simple search (in theory not practice) for the perfect white cotton t shirt. After the shirts were snapped up by friends and family, the team set about expanding their offering without compromising their core values of simplicity and function. 

As with so many Japanese labels that catch the eye, there seems to be a lack of information (atleast written in English) but I was able to have a quick chat with one of the designers. Ever since its first collection of tee shirts and lounge wear for SS09, the label has slowly added understated products that place great importance on comfort and quality. For AW11, ID Dailywear have crafted a seemingly complete wardrobe of well tailored staples....

A number of my favourite AW11 looks

During my visit I was able to take a closer look at the AW11 collection and had ample opportunity to marvel at the fabrications and attention to detail. Over three rails, the label exhibited a real show of well made staples that would easily slip inside and liven up any wardrobe...

A closer look at ID Dailywear's AW11 collection


Giancinephile said...

They sure do men's wardrobe staples really well!

Jess . said...

The texture .. Wow !

Style Salvage Steve said...

Giancinephile: Some of the best I've come across!
Jess: Thanks, I hoped to capture the texture with my detail shots.

Tim said...

Very cool look so neat n stylish

Claire M. said...

Very stylish outfit I like it ;)

Anonymous said...

Liking this stuff, the third look in particular- I have a penchant for purply-red jeans, plus I like the velcro details on the shirt and the red laces!


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