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Style Stalking... Brandon

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It has been a few months since we last lurked in the shadows to partake in a spot of Style Stalking. This seven day diary style feature has become one of the most popular sections of the site and we are constantly on the search for a diverse mix of stylish individuals. After some fruitless outfit voyeurism, we can make up for the barren spell with a real treat. With the help of a few friends, Feigned Perfection's Brandon has captured a full week's worth of his layered ensembles for us to savour.

Brandon is a man who knows how to use colour and play with textures to make truly wonderful, multi faceted outfits. He is someone who knows how to balance vintage, high street and a mix of labels (although, he is a self confessed Issey addict) in such a way that the admiring observer has absolutely no idea where he shops. Now, we could continue to wax lyrical about his style but that would only delay you from the real treat of the upcoming visuals. Without further ado, here's the man himself introducing his diary...

"I couldn't really write an introduction to my own Style Stalking feature, without saying how much of an honour it is to be asked to do this. The following seven days worth of clothing is a snapshot of the schizophrenia that is my style. If you've read my blog, or know me at all; you'll know that there are two things that define the way I present myself: messiness, and layering. I'm not sure if the extent of either of these really translates over the internet, but hopefully some of you won't walk away with the feeling you get after a really intense thrifting experience (I'm talking thrift by the lb. here people). Until doing this, I had no idea how much Issey Miyake and Issey-sub brands are in my regular rotation… I guess I have Issey issues. The good photos were taken by my friends, otherwise the photos were on my fire escape with my timer mode (so apologies for the lack of quality...)"


Day One - Happy birthday to me!

"My birthday happened to be on a particularly bad week for me so I needed my clothing to bring me up to an appropriate level (or layer… ugh I know, bad) of good spirits. So in that regard, everything I wore was a little nugget of intrigue. From the weird and wrongly worn Undercover jumper (it's really a jumper with a tiny baby sweater going through the stomach. Yeah I told you it was wrong (so wrong it's right?)) to my Grandfathers tuxedo jacket (and Dad's handkerchief as a pocket square). It was also the first outing of my Issey Miyake "Vulcan Parachute" Trenchcoat. From the sci-fi techno fabric with pleated back and elbows, to the way it flies in the wind: this coat a great example of the futuristic vitality of Issey Miyake clothing."

Style Stalking - Day One - Main
Style Stalking Brandon - Day One - Details
Issey Miyake "Vulcan Parachute" trenchcoat, Grandfathers tuxedo jacket, Pleats Please yellow cardigan (worn upside down), Undercover "Toddler Attached" sweater (worn with my head through the bottom of the toddlers jumper (could this sound anymore f*cked up?), Ivan Grundhal tulle cardigan, Liberty London shirt, Haat printed green trousers, Alejandro Ingelmo Wooster boot/sneaker/wingtips, Issey Miyake organza bow tie, Vintage ugly duckling brooch, Dads handkerchief (pocket square) and Uniqlo socks

Day Two - College Bored

"I find school can be quite trying for me, despite it being a "fashion" college my aesthetics in both design and choice of clothing tends to be misunderstood. I guess this is a good example of the strange way I think things can go together to make me feel powerful maybe? Definitely cosy and therefore at ease. The photos were taken by Wax of Pop, Bop and Snap, hence they're lovely."

Style Stalking - Day Two - Main
Style Stalking Brandon - Day Two - Details
Vintage fringe jacket from London, Opening Ceremony x Pendleton wool suit (with the jacket worn upside down), Ivan Grundhal deconstructed cotton/wool jacket, Haat asymmetric jumper, Kenzo printed shirt, SURevolution belt worn as necklace, Dr Martens metallic boots, Peter Pilotto x Kipling school bag, Ralph Lauren silk scarf wrapped around wrist and a nickel cuff from a friend

Day Three - Typical Work Day

"Decided to do my version of minimalism today. I recently managed to get a large amount of Pleats Please (Yes I realize I sound a little like an Issey Miyake advertisement) for a song and the sculptural qualities continue to amaze me. This was my first top from the brand and I love the way it clings and bulges in seemingly random ways."

Style Stalking - Day Three - Main
Style Stalking - Day Three - Details
Pleats Please mid sleeve shirt, Paul Smith digital fishing print shirt, Zero + Maria Cornejo fold shorts, Issey Miyake APOC leggings and Alejandro Ingelmo sneakers

Day Four - Style Like U Book Launch

"Well what can I say? My friends at Style Like U have been working towards this book for a long time, and I was happy. 'nuff said…"

Style Stalking - Day Four - Main
Style Stalking Brandon - Day Four - Details
Issey Miyake "future rainforest" biker jacket (The design team traveled to Brazil for this collection and collected actual colour samples as close to real rainforest colours as possible!), Great Grandfathers waistcoat (worn inside out because I think the shredding aging lining is beautiful), Thrifted sheer sweatshirt, Club Monaco floral shirt, Thrifted saturated print skirt, Issey Miyake Fete triangle pleats trousers, Alejandro Ingelmo Woosters, Traditional Mexican scarf, Paul Smith x Lola raffia brooch, Vintage elephant necklace, Rope bracelet from The Brooklyn Flea, same RL scarf and cuff as before and a vintage bag also from The Brooklyn Flea

Day Five - Another School Day

"Ok so this is a very heavy outfit. Heavy on the heavy, heavy on the earthy warm colours and heavy on the Haat (yes another Issey brand...)."

Style Stalking - Day Five - Main
Issey Miyake APOC cutout jacket, Thrifted Ports 1961 red mohair jacket, Haat african textile dress worn as a jumper, +J blue shirt, Haat folder trousers, well loved Chucks, Haat necklace, Charity Shop tie

Day Six - Upstate Excursion

"Another outing for one of my favorite jackets, visiting the real world of Upstate New York. Wore a hoodie to fit in more… This is my version of practicality: Boots, shorts 'n leggings (for movement), flannel, you get the picture. The photos were taken by my friend Autumn Seguin of The Memory Mine."

Style Stalking - Day Six - Main
Style Stalking Brandon - Day Six - Details
Issey Miyake APOC cutout jacket, Random hoodie, Uniqlo flannel shirt, Uniqlo Henley, Zero + Maria Corenjo fold shorts, +J leggings, Yohji Yamamoto x Dr Martens, Vintage Dooney & Bourke bag

Day Seven - Supermarket Sweeper

"Yes. This really is what I wear to grocery shop."

Style Stalking - Day Seven - Main
Cos zipper sweater, Richard Chai cashmere sweater, Thrifted flannel shirt, Haat skirt, Thrifted Laura Ashley skirt, Margiela sneaker sandals, Pierre-Louis Mascia scarf, Guatemalan cross-body bag.


The Working Girl Preetma said...

Brandon is continually inspiring! Love this feature!

James M. said...

Brandon's next-next-next level. There's a feature on his whole closet (and his Issey addiction) at the site he mentioned:

John said...

So many great shots. The second look is just perfect. It has it all; layers, prints, texture.

Rouwen said...

a very nice blog.

Brandon said...

Thanks Steve for this :)

mr.p said...

whats your cord bracelet at day six please?

Micheal M said...

My mind is completely blown. His disregard (in the best way possible) of the general conventions of male dress is completely admirable. All the power to him!
Such a great style stalking post

(My lack of proof reading was the reason why I deleted the last comment excuse my grammar/spelling failures)

Anonymous said...

to me - a typical new yorker hedonist wannabe eccentric rich kid. inspring he would be if he managed to look like that without spending about 1,500 $non a coat.

TheBlueEyedBoy said...

I wouldn't wear that many pieces of clothes at the same time, but the result is nice there.

Penter said...

Nice mix and match! Loving the Issey Miyake's piece!!

Brandon said...

Thanks for the comments I'm incredibly flattered everyone.

Mr. P - I wish I could tell you who made it but there is a stall at the Brooklyn Flea that sells them and unfortunately the little nametag has fallen off for me to tell you :(.

Michael M - :D

TheBlueEyedBoy - Glad the layering was pleasing. Generally you know you did good when your train has been delayed and you have nothing but the clothing on your back to entertain you and before you know it you're getting off the subway at your destination. That is my aim...

Penter - Thank you! Love your fashionary!

To the anonymous commenter (firstly why be anonymous if you want to stick by your argument...). I'd like to just say that I am not a rich kid! Far from it! I work hard for everything I have, do not get hand outs from my parents unlike most of the NYers I know. I feel your frustration because I know plenty of people who don't think about the money they spend whilst I agonize over it. If you read my blog at all, you'd see that this is the one thing I spend money on, I wait for sample sales and that $1500 coat I got for 80% off. So you see Mr "anonymous" your argument is completely flawed.

On the plus side negative comments mean that I've impacted someone enough to say something. Lovely!

Ca said...

About time! The master of layers, textures and prints. Well deserved feature.

wenna webb said...

Such a great information and I've been looking for this..

Prutha Raithatha said...

this is a fantactic feature in on one of my fav style people in NYC!! No one does layers better than brandon!! soo cute!!


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