Monday, 2 May 2011

Summer Solution

The summer solution found by Armando Cabral

Each and every Summer I encounter the same problem, what do I wear on my feet? When the sunshine is squinting-ly glorious and the capital becomes all too sweaty, most footwear options fill me will trepidation. All because I just don't like naked feet. Exposed toes irk me at the best of times but in most instances the sight is downright intolerable. Most people's feet are hideous. Mine are. Where appropriate they should be covered at all times, not revealed in all of their beastly glory the moment the mercury exceeds twenty degrees. In recent seasons I have found solace in the espadrille but I am always on the look out for a new option. This season, Armando Cabral has provided the perfect Summer solution with the gift of his huarache sandal. Thank you Armado!

The huarache sandals in all their glory.

Back in September, Cabral's debut offering brought some much needed summer sunshine to a typical grey Sunday.  The range includes modern takes on classic shapes, all the while showcasing attention to detail and a vibrant colour palette. I was an instant fan. The SS11 collection offers a full range of season classics including desert boots, boating moccasin and woven sandals, all with an individual design signature. The huarache sandal typifies the success of the collection. This Mexican classic has been updated with the addition of a vulcanized rubber sole, to combine the sophistication of the traditional upper with the flexibility of modern technology.

The huarache sandals worn with tailored trousers by Reiss, gingham Basil shirt by b Store, neckerchief from Labour and Wait and Alisdair rucksack from Ally Capellino. 

Given the spate of beautiful weather, the most recent addition to my footwear arsenal were given their first run out much earlier than expected. As people waved their flags and raised a glass for the royal wedding, I road tested my summer solution. Cool but covered toes make me happy, the perfect combination. They passed with flying colours.

A closer look at Armandal Cabral's huarache sandal.


Matthew Spade said...

this is turning into a new pair of shoes each week now, i smell i raise. i have that scarf on today, but worn in my back pocket to wipe the brow

t said...

Nice shoes!

Carlos said...

Love them.... A perfect solution for unique summer shoes.

carina said...

i loooooooooove the shoes!!!


TheSundayBest said...

Needing a haircut, as usual.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat: Wiping your brow, is it nice and warm up in Blackpool then?
T, Carlos and Carina: Thanks.
TheSundayBest: Always!

Rocky S said...

It's Cool. Spring/Summer 2011 Collection includes high top sneakers, desert boots in bold colors like fire red, boating moccasins and my personal favorite is a woven sandal with an haute hippie vibe. I love collection of Rocky S also.

naboonies @ Dunia Fashyon said...

Those shoes look very nice on you! I like the tan leather and the breathable design.

Michel said...

I love that these are sandals. I normally avoid sandals, because my feet should not be exposed to the world, but these are the perfect solution.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get these??
I want them!
I'm in Canada by the way... can I find these online?

Brandon said...

Wow this is crazy, tonight walking back home from my yoga class I stop at a restaurant with outdoor seating to say hi to my friend and have a drink and who's eating at the table next to us?! Why Mr Cabral! My hood is also home to the lovely Alek Wek too but now I'm just showing off.

Thoroughly enjoying the Steve summer sandal but I thin you have to come to the dark side and find some reallll sandals! I challenge you to find some more great gentlemanly summer sandal options!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

these are gorgeous! really perfect for your needs


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