Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Extending the idea

Further to your earlier post about Prince I have been thinking about colour. I've never been a monochrome kind of girl (far too messy and accident prone for white and black is just too depressing) though I can hardly be called a riot of colour. I think colour can be a scary thing and while I see it bandied about in different forms on the catwalk you rarely see real (as in, on the street, not some kind of bizarro macho) men giving it a go. I saw the picture below from the Paul Smith Spring 08 show and wondered why.

Paul Smith

Yes, it always helps that he is a pretty boy with lovely hair, but I really think that this could look brilliant on the ordinary person (btw, why do I love the rolled up turn ups in this picture so much?).


This chap, taken from facehunter, proves my point quite well I feel. This is of course a severely toned down use of colour, but I think those bright pink shoes and the crisp white shirt complement each other so very well and stops this look from being boring. I love that he's wearing a neon yellow belt and it's not the first thing you notice.

he wears short shortsfacehunter again, and the same pink shoes. Now, I'm not big on the shorts, but I do like how this all goes together. The purple of the top is just lovely, while the dark colour of the shorts stops them screaming 'look at me, please' as much as they might have done in a different colour.

One last picture from me, this time courtesy of MTL street:

This looks like the easiest way of wearing colour- and it probably is- but look how well put together this is, with his trainers picking up the colour of his pocket, jeans and his top and his sunglasses matching his belt buckle.


Anonymous said...

In official blog language:
You have been awarded the Rockin' Girl Blogger badge...now go tag 5 other rockin' girl bloggers!

Anonymous said...

hey! i just found your blog through stylebubble. it's so great to see other people covering menswear, like NO ONE ever talks about it! I cover it every monday on my blog www.stylesightings.com keep up the good work!!!

EJ said...

Merci beaucoup to you both!

Susie- I'm sometimes rockin', grudgingly a girl and only just a blogger but thanks! can i just tag you back 5 times over- you definitely deserve it at least 5 times more than me.

Ashley- It does feel kind of lonely but now all we need is some male readers! ps- totally agree about the cosby sweaters (said in the voice of jack black in high fidelity, natch) but shh, don't tell anyone!

Pret a Porter P said...

I really liked the style of the 1st face hunter gent, he incorporated the trendy neon brights with classic pieces.


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