Sunday, 19 August 2007

Just another Hack?

After reading Style from the Sunday Times this morning (I say read but I really mean cast aside because there was article on Sadie Frost discussing 'perfection' and her life which quite frankly put me off my marmalade and toast until I could take no more) it made me want to write about men's fashion journalism and in particular Jefferson Hack writing for the Telegraph. Hilary Alexander recently commissioned Jefferson Hack to write a fortnightly column for the Telegraph about menswear and it's quality. I like Hack. I like Dazed & Confused and ever since The Face folded it is one of the best magazines out there (oh I miss The Face but fortunately I have a few old ones which I turn back to from time to time). I have bought Another Man and this is full of pretty editorials and adverts, blurring the boundaries between the two. I have read all of his recent articles for the Telegraph and enjoy reading his words but to be honest what he is saying is not that interesting, most of what he is writing about is not new, not innovative and the people who read it I am sure already know about it. However, in recent weeks highlights include:

Christopher Bailey - my favourite article so far, as Bailey was talking about the relationship fashion and music. For Burberry's new advertising campaign Bailey includes three 'rising stars' of British music, Patrick Wolf, Larrikin Love (hmmmm) and The Paddingtons (oh come on really!?). His choice of musicians aside I liked his comments "Look at The Pistols, The Jam, The Clash or Freddie Mercury," says Bailey. "They are people who have all shaped and influenced fashion massively. The emotion of music is so important to fashion."

Recent Burberry campaign with Wolf and Deyn

His mention of the Sartorialist - Well just because I like him. 'On his blog,, Schuman has created an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration for the style-conscious. "I love how this gentleman layers his suit with that short, extremely fitted nylon vest, shoulder bag and helmet."

Dover Street Market - Hack calls DSM a revolution in retail (these are strong words especially when you compare the retail space to examples in countries like Tokyo) and it is certainly one of my favorite shops in London. Hack then goes on to discuss how DSM might have had an influence on retail sales within men (not too sure about that myself) but the shop has definitely paved way for a change in attitude. Adrian Joffe (of Commes des Garcons and one of the brainchild's of the store) says "Men are definitely being bolder in their sense of individual style. Factors like DSM, but also London's creativity, magazines and other creative role models, are all encouraging that."

One of the cool spaces within Dover St Market

It seems Hack writes about a few of the things that I like and to be honest I do like reading about them. But (and it is quite a big but) I do find his articles a little uninteresting as I feel that the people reading them more than likely already know about it. Plus how he writes about men's fashion as a whole is uninspiring and to the most part just anecdotal and mentions of how seemingly great his life is. Maybe I am just a tad jealous. Apologies Mr Hack because I do like you and I don't blame you. Have you read any of his articles yet? Are there actually any good male fashion journalists out there? GQ writers can be good at times (but only at times as Dylan and co can get too much) but I see an abundance of great food writers and critics but there is a void where men's style journalism should be. It seems that it is reduced to merely a few pages within supplements like Style (before I cast it aside this morning I noticed a few pages on Chelsea's stylish players) or men's fashion magazines. I think it is time for change.

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