Wednesday, 13 May 2009

There is nothing wrong with being a Hentsch Man

The night before last, I partook in one of my guiltiest of pleasures and encountered news I just had to share with you (I promise there is nothing to be frightened of, please continue reading). This time, my guilty pleasure has nothing to do with magazines which I really should not read given my gender and age (I stand by Teen Vogue, ha!) but involved me lying in a bubble bath whilst listening to the Monocle Weekly. During the latter stages of my soak (just before my skin resembled a prune) my ears pricked up by the introduction of Alexia Hentsch and the mention of her new pop-up shop, Hentsch Man. The store has opened today in Notting Hill and will be open for two weeks. I plan on visiting this weekend to inspect the well designed Spring/Summer wardrobe stables on offer which include slim fitted shirts, tailored trousers, Mediterranean espadrilles and plimsolls. The design ethos of the brand and the idea of the pop up store struck a chord with me and I just had to let you know about it.

There really isn't too much information on the store or even the brand available but my curiosity and love of all things pop up led me to their website (which has just been launched). We are told that Hentsch Man is a simple, elegant and wearable menswear brand which offers classic wardrobe basics, something my Summer wardrobe is actually in need of so a trip to the store this weekend is most timely. The idea behind the brand evolved from a seemingly simple search (in theory not practice) for the perfect white shirt which is a staple in any man’s wardrobe yet so difficult to find. The two friends (Max and Alexia) set about designing their perfect shirt and when they felt they got it right, they placed a small order. Without compromising their core values of simplicity and function, the pair expanded the shirt collection, adding trousers, boxer shorts, and footwear, to create a more complete menswear collection which has now found its temporary home. Inspired by an article in Monocle's retail issue they decided to find a location for their pop up store and after searching and searching they found the Kensington Park Road location.

A selection of Hentsch Man displayed on the site. For them 'their wardrobe is important to them, but not their primary concern.'

Hentsch Man is aimed at young men with a refined aesthetic sense and I'm sure most of you will fit in to that category. The products are aimed at people know a good thing when they see it, but don’t necessarily have the time or the patience to scour the earth to furnish their wardrobe. The store aims to be a one-stop-shop for basic staples – from a classic white shirt, to well-tailored trousers and the occasional accessory. You might just be a Hentsch Man this Spring/Summer and in my mind there really is nothing wrong with that.


Laurence John said...

i'm not familiar with the term 'pop-up store'. what does it mean exactly ?


Style Salvage Steve said...

Hey Laurence, pop up stores are temporary shops which take over a space for a limited time. As quickly as they arrive, they disappear. They are a great way to increase/spread awareness of a brand. I first came aware of them when Comme des Garcons opened their Guerilla store in Berlin and would love to see more stores pop up in this way because there are so many disused spaces in the city.

Marco said...

Awesome blog, we should blog link man, I'm liking your style very much!

Terence Sambo said...

interesting pieces :o] Teddy boy stuff :o]

John said...

Hmmnmn interesting indeed.. I was planning to make "finding the perfect white shirt" one of my summer quests - maybe I will have to start early?

TheSundayBest said...

Really need to step up my white shirt quota.

a Treasury of said...

I couldn't be a true Hentsch Man ever.

"Their wardrobe is important to them, but not their primary concern."

Couldn't even pretend my wardrobe wasn't my primary concern most days.


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