Friday, 19 June 2009

Picture Postcards: Seeing the print of it

Dearest EJ

You might have noticed that I rarely talk excitedly of prints. In fact, I would go as far to say that I am a little scared of them. Recently though I have been eager to experiment with print in my everyday style and I must confess that I was more than a little tempted by those deer shorts from The Good Shop which you brought to my attention. When I first saw the above show images of Tim Soar's S/S '09 collection I was still a little standoffish when it came to somewhat outlandish prints. "And The Sun Shone Straight In All Directions" saw him tinker with the classic palm-tree motif that's usually associated with Hawaiian shirts covering slightly over weight and sun burnt bellies. Initially, I was more than a little unsure of it all because it is not a print that naturally lends itself to (good) menswear in the way a Laura Ashley pattern could. However, a few months down the line I was fortunate enough to make it down to the ASOS LTD100 Awards last night (more on this later) and caught sight of the designer wearing one of his Hawaiian suit creations and could not resist taking a snap of him (well...asking Susie to).

Soar wore his creation so well, in amongst the slightly sweaty masses he looked the personification of summer. The designer has inspired me to take my appreciation of prints one step further and actually go out and try designs on..who knows, I might even buy something this weekend!

Lots of love



Unknown said...

I think my aversion to all-over print stems from the garish Hawaiian shirts you mentioned but this seems a much more wearable, slightly muted version. Did you get to have a chat?


Style Salvage Steve said...

Cillian: Not sure you could call it a chat, I listened to a conversation between Tim and Soar whilst nodding in the background. Ha! Not sure I would have the confidence to pull an all over print just steps.

Izzy said...

This might be the dumbest thing to buy but I want it! I think the fact that it's in cotton jersey and not some tacky polyester or rayon makes it a little more relaxed and loungey, and makes for less garish coloring. Oh I would so wear that.

tanya said...

You're dating Susie Bubble and you're afraid of prints?! How is that even possible? :P
Love all over prints on guys, expecially if they have a touch of kitsch. This is one of my favourie examples of the ultimate in men's mixed prints:

Style Salvage Steve said...

Izzy: Not dumb at all! I Love jersey and it does help make the whole look feel more relaxed and softer. I say go for it.
Tanya: Ha, I love prints on other people and especially Susie but I just don't buy/wear them...I am workng on changing that. I saw that chap wearing mixed floral print at Hyeres 08 and it left a lasting impression on me:

Make Do Style said...

Soar does wear it really well. The rolled up trousers, grey tee and the plimsolls give it a louche chic look - i think the print and colours are key to the ability for the look to look stylish not garish. I find it hard to wear prints with ease or well.

j said...

These prints have a refined "camo" (as seen on certain outdoor dorks) look to them. Perhaps they should be worn stalking the perfect beach.

Anonymous said...

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