Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Boots for the wilderness

Looks from Tim Hamilton's Aw09 collection.

Fashion moves so fast and at this point in to a season I am always a little confused. As the nights come earlier and the days that bit cooler I never know quite what to write about because most of my inspiration is somewhere in the future. Everything around me is geared towards SS10 (look books, press days etc) but in the real world it feels as though we are only just entering Aw09. I feel like I am lost in the great unknown, the fashion wilderness, no man's land. What does one need in the wilderness? Boots of course.

These boots are made for walking...and looking like a modern day dandy. Lanvin Aw09

Lace up boots can be something of a sartorial testosterone shot. They were employed with great effect in a number of Autumn Winter shows, including Alexander Mcqueen, Calvin Klein, Rick Owens, Lanvin and of course, my particular favourite Tim Hamilton. The February shows demonstrated that they can be both smart and causal. This experimentation trickled through to a number of look books, most notably in Christophe Lemaire's offering which saw the French designer use them effectively throughout the relaxed volume and natural textures of his collection. They are a true staple of the season. A catalyst for the silhouette whilst accentuating both skinny and loose fitting trousers.

The waiting game. Lodger's Kudu Brogued Boot.

Regular readers will know that I fell head over heels for Lodger's September shoe of the month, the Kudu Brogued Boot and I am now (im)patiently waiting their delivery. The wait will undoubtedly be worth it. The boot is an eight eyelet brogued style, and has a skeleton lining of the same Kudu leather as the upper, and a full lining in a plush purple velvet from Scabal. As there is only a certain amount of kudu leather available Lodger can only make around twenty five pairs or so. With this in mind and to pass the time until I can shoe horn my feet in to my beloved Kudu's I have trawled through the best of the rest online. There are just so many beautiful boots available online. If you too are stumbling around the fashion wilderness then take a look at the offerings below...

The best of the rest list (clockwise from top left):
  • Raf Simons for Dr Martens 8 hole boot: Raf Simons works his magic on a simple and classic 8 hole DM boot in a black leather. Available from oki-ni.
  • Ann Demeulemeester buckle lace up worker boots: Black leather lace-up worker boots from Ann Demeulemeester featuring a buckled strap around the top of the boot. Fine if you have a spare £695. Available from farfetch.
  • B Store suede lace up worker boot: Navy suede ankle boot from b Store with seam detailing and grey laces. Available from farfetch and bstore.
  • Trickers Tan Leather boot: Something of a classic. Tan leather brogue style lace-up boots by Trickers. Available from farfetch.
  • Alexander McQueen ‘Calamity Halfboot’: A sturdy leather lace up boot with a double side zip detail, heel pull and heavy treaded Vibram sole. Available from oki-ni.
  • Mr. Hare Kerouac: The Kerouac is a man’s boot with a little romanticism and some healthy disrespect for the rules. It’s an adventure boot. It was oh so tempting when I first saw the collection and I was close to buying a pair. Must resist buying a pair now but they are so gooood...Available from oki-ni.
  • Bed Stu Leather boot: An antiqued black leather boot with leather lining and sole. Five eyelet laceup. Available from Oak.
  • Lanvin Leather lace up ankle boots: The "I wish I were rich" boots. These black leather lace-up ankle boots have wool detailing on both sides. Available at Browns.
  • F-Troupe Black Sheepskin Hi Top: If all of the above are just too aspirational, how about this pair from f-troupe? The classic shape gets a winter upgrade with a shearling upper. Available from Oak.


Duck said...

I particularly like Ann Demeulemeester's offering, and I also like her so-high-they-could-almost-be-boots High-tops too, with zips, buckles and laces...

mmm shoes


Jason said...

A great selection of boots, all too much for me though. One day. Sigh

TheSundayBest said...

And to think I was just remarking to Charlie how I wanted a pair of boots...again.

My god your collection is enviable. I'd keep a close eye on those when I get there Salter.

modernaged said...

Loving those Ann D shitkickers.

Your timing is awesome. Just today I picked up a very nice pair of big lace-up boots from Dune. Never bought from them before, but as I had a voucher I thought I'd give it a go. I like 'em!

Anonymous said...

check out grenson's boots too - a bit more affordable than trickers and just as stylish


Nathalie & Benita said...

Hey guys, first time on your blog. Really digging it. I'm going to link you on mine.


we could grow up 2gether said...

u know what, my christmas wishlist is the trickers green stow boots! or the Loake Burford!

Unknown said...

"They are a true staple of the season. A catalyst for the silhouette whilst accentuating both skinny and loose fitting trousers."

Well said, I completely agree. My choice would be the tan brogues from Trickers.


Style Salvage Steve said...

Anastasia: Those Ann D boots are a little too much for me but she certainly knows how to create amazing boots. Mmm shoes indeed.
Jason: One day! We'll be working on a follow up post with cheaper offerings. I just need to make a trip to the high street.
TheSundayBest: I am inside your brain! I will keep one eye on my collection and one on you when you next come over. Yes, I'll look a little special.
Modernaged: I knew I wouldn't be the only one thinking about adding boots to my shoe collection. Which boots did you pick up from Dune?
Anonymous: Damn, I always forget about Grensons!
What's on the outside: Thanks so much.
We Could Grow Up Together: That is quite the Christmas list. I'm sure Santa will sort you out.
De: Thankyou. A fine choice!

modernaged said...

I got these ones! I thought they were a nice balance of price and being a bit left of centre..


Oh right, they're way comfy too.


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