Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Picture Postcards: The good old days

The good old days by Carl Bengtsson for DV Man. Images courtesy of The Fashionisto.

Even for a magazine junkie like myself, many editorials seem to blur in to one and I take very little style inspiration from any of them. Over the last couple of months or so I've flicked through freshly bought issues all too quickly and have yet to summon the desire to reopen them. It is safe to say that I've been a little disappointed by the fashion on show in the latest issues of my favourite magazines and I think it might be time to look further afield. The Fashionisto never ceases to showcase the best editorials from around the globe and from time to time he unearths a real gem. The Good Old Days by Carl Bengtsson’s is one such gem. The editorial was taken from the Autumn issue of DV Man and since I first stumbled across it last week the images have been playing on my mind.

When I'm in a state of ennui about the seemingly relententless pace of fashion, I often trawl through a selection of archives on flickr (with the Library of Congress being a particular favourite) for alternative inspiration. At times, even though I love the style demonstrated in the shots it can be difficult to translate this is in to modern day attire. This editorial does just that. The introductory blurb to this DV Man editorial succinctly reads, 'An age of cheeky rascals and debonair merchants, a time when things really were better.' There is an age old charm in the shots themselves but also in the styling. The spread of images certainly captures a bygone era but the styling avoids the obvious trap falls of appearing like costumes and little more. The nostalgic styling by Ursula Wangander features designers including Acne, Rogues Gallery, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Old Touch, Jil Sander and Carin Wester to name just a few. The editorial has renewed my enthusiasm for print editorials and inspired me to trawl through image archives on the hunt for more sartoriaol gems strewn throughout history....expect quite a few related posts in the coming weeks...

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wekilledCOUTURE. said...

Oh i love all male fashion spreads.
There is not enough of them around, they have such a certain feel to them that cannot be matched when a spread only has a single male presence.



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