Wednesday, 24 November 2010

La La La+h

 Wrapping up in La+h for Winter

There is a definite chill in the air. As our favourite Autumn hues begin to fade and frost is one of the first things we see each morning, we are confronted with the prospect of a long winter. Today the Met Office issued a severe weather warnings for snow, predicting the earliest significant snowfall since 1993 apparently. The time to wrap, layer and protect that bit more has come. I'm reaching for an assortment of comfortable and practical fabrics; wool, tweed, cashmere and anything else I can get my hands on should will now be used to layer and envelop.

Just before the mercury began to plummet I was conveniently reminded about La+h. I first encountered the Japanese accessories label whilst exploring Trunk Clothiers but 3939 seemingly has an even more impressive collection. La+h is borne out of a pure passion and commitment to a rich Japanese textile tradition.  Through working closely with local artisans and craftsman, the label creates something beautiful, tactile and new. “Karami” (Leno weave) creates a mix of colour and texture on each thread. One colour is mixed with another and this twine of warp and weft creates something quite unusual...

As you can see from the above selection, different layers of colours are used to create new tones, textures and feeling all the while complemented by their rich craftsmanship. Originality, variation and delicate combinations are all part of their simple design and what makes La+h so covetable at this moment in time. It is items like these that actually make me look forward to a long, cold winter.


Masha said...

great post, great fabrics. just lovely

agnes szucs said...

that dotted piece is so great! love it.

artdecodiamonds said...

Love the patterns.. fantastic!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

these are gorgeous!


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