Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sixby6bloggers: The Factory Tour

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Now, I might be a little late when it comes to introducing ‘SIXby6bloggers’ because it has been mentioned across the blogosphere and beyond. However, if you've not heard about the project, it is an exclusive creative collaboration driven by global online marketplace Farfetch that showcases the production skills of cool shoe powerhouse Six London (creating and licensing shoes for Opening Ceremony, SWEAR and bStore) whilst helping satisfying the design whims of a selection of bloggers. Along with Susie, The Man Repeller, Stockholm Streetstyle, The Cherry Blossom Girl and The Facehunter, I've been able to create my dream pair of shoes - the Autumn leaves kicking boot (more on that later).

As you all know, I caught the shoe bug a long time ago and could not shirk the opportunity to create my ultimate footwear for Autumn and now that the project is close to fruition for a limited edition release I can say that I've enjoyed the process immensely. To think that ideas that have been bouncing around my brain unreleased for years are about to be realised is nothing short of remarkable. However, as exciting as the finished product is, one of the real highlights of the entire process came during a visit to Guimaraes in Portugal where I met the Six London team, had the opportunity to talk through my design with the craftsmen who were going to help realise my footwear fantasy and took a stroll through the factory where the majority of their men's shoes are made. Given my love of factory porn it makes sense to get the blogging ball rolling with a tour of the sights seen in Portugal. I've been fortunate enough to visit both Dr Marten's in Wollaston and Cheaney in Desborough and ultimately the stages of clicking, closing lasting, bevelling and polishing are very similar but with subtle differences and certainly no less interesting on each occasion. As I was led around the family run factory, I eagerly snapped away at each well honed process and got a little carried away with closeups of machinery... 

A selection of shots documenting the countless processes that come together for each pair of shoes.

Apologies for the sheer volume of images but I just can't help myself at times. I had a great time in Guimaraes.  Tomorrow I'm going to explain the thinking behind my shoe design and talk a bit about how I arrived at my choice of the Autumn Leaves Kicking Boot.

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Matthew Spade said...

no need to apologise on the photos of the factory, it's 100% what i want to see. first i've heard of it actually. can feel this is going to be a good set of posts


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