Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Treasured Items... Steve Sane

Every item has a story to tell. Of course, some stories are more captivating than others and here at Style Salvage, we strive to seek out the most interesting to share with you. After weeks of fashion and previews in what future seasons will bring, we've acquired a thirst for the tangible and items that have a real narrative and meaning to them as opposed to having been dreamt up by an excited PR. Here, Sane Communications and The Great Divide's very own Steve Sane continues are series of wardrobe tales and reminds us that there really is more to menswear blogging (and life for that matter) than the goings on at the latest trade show or glimpse of a runway...


Steve Sane and the wedding ring


"I love this as it signifies in one gold band the man that I have become and how fortunate I am to have the lady and relationship that it represents. It's heavy and chunky and I always know it's there - a quiet reminder of my VERY animated wonderful wife with whom I share everything. She's a top lady. I'm super proud of it."

Steve Sane and the protection ring


"This ring was bought by my aforementioned lady and it is made by HOPI tribe Indians - I am a big fan of Navajo belief and symbolism - the rings two symbols represent the scorpion and the bear - the sting and the protective weight look after me - it's blessed and I dig it bad."
Steve Sane of Sane Communications and The Great Divide

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