Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Treasured Items... Dapper Kid

The much appreciated art of wardrobe building is not a fast or haphazard activity: instead it is developed and nurtured over time. Now, as you all know, the ever changing pursuit of building the perfect wardrobe is a lifelong one and wholly personal. Of course, there will be the odd irrational purchase or taste questioning gift but over time these and desire will be forgotten and you'll be left with a true indication of your style and a wardrobe of items that perfectly balance need, function and desire. A wardrobe to be savoured and enjoyed is much more than a piece of future housing hanging possessions. Clothing is there to be worn but items should be filled with emotion and narrative. Over the course of the Summer, our fellow blogger dapper kid, found himself disassociated with his own wardrobe and embarked on crafting a new one (more on this endeavour here). After purging ninety five per cent of his possession, dapper kid was left with a core set of things that he actually found some personal value in. A solid core to build on. So, we thought now was the perfect moment to ask him to reveal his most treasured of items...   


Dapper Kid and the 'Cheeky Monkey' sweater


"The garment in my wardrobe that I cherish most is one that I never actually wear. Not because it is too precious to be worn, but because it is a sweater made for a two year old, which does present slight issues for a six foot frame. It is a bright red acrylic sweater with an image of a yellow primate and the words "Cheeky Monkey" sewn on in the form of a patch. Aside from family photographs and my memory box, it is the only material object I own that I would go out of my way to save from a fire."

Dapper Kid and the new wardrobe


"In terms of garments that I actually wear, the item I treasure most is perhaps not the most interesting or exciting I own, but it is one I view as marking a personal turning point. The piece is a long black hoody from the first Silent by Damir Doma collection. It serves as a reminder of a feeling and a decision.

I got to a point where I looked at my possessions, and whilst certain garments or objects triggered associated memories, they were in and of themselves entirely meaningless to me. They were garments that were nice enough, but they were not ones I loved. I was not happy with the idea of owning so many things that I could essentially do without, so I got rid of it all. I gave away, donated and sold 95% of my possessions, trying to edit down to a core set of things that I actually found some personal value in. I would rather own only a handful of things that I truly cherish, than a house full of things that are 'nice enough'. The hoody was one of those items I found value in. Even when I stop wearing it I intend to keep it as a reminder to myself that sometimes a little less can be better than a little more." Dapper Kid


Matthew Spade said...

i do applaude him. he is very clear about how he feels at that goes for his state of mind. i couldn't do it, not that i have loads of clothes, but i just don't wash them enough!

Chris Burton said...

I think it's important to have a personal sense of style, and to know what you like and what looks great on you. And with that buy stuff you actually like and want to wear, and in cases where it is gifted (take it back and say it wasn't your six) :) But seriously thanks for the post. I also have a style blog for men, check it out. Styleforthemodernman.wordpress.com

Brandon said...

Been awhile since I managed to comment Steve but I will admit I've been hovering around the blog the whole time! And there will be more comments to come (quality not quantity, hence why I haven't been commenting so much, your posts are so meaty and delicious that I know I need both time to digest and form an opinion on).

Syed is such a wonderful thinker and I love how it has come across so clearly in these two garments.

"I would rather own only a handful of things that I truly cherish, than a house full of things that are 'nice enough'. " - I think we're all trying to do this but Syed evidently has willpower to go ahead and do so. Bravo!

Should we start a Wardrobe Builders either guild or anonymous group (with coffee and biscuits in old churches....)?


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