Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekend Reading... A long sit down with LAW


Just one week ago I poured myself a cuppa and excitedly flicked through two printed finds, LAW and The Travel Almanac. As the latter has received a fair bit of attention already, I'd like to return to the former. LAW is a platform to portray the beautiful in the everyday. This limited edition bi-annual magazine revels in revealing what others miss. A self titled 'bomb shelter for creative collaboration between the talented youth of today with grit in their teeth and something to say.' For its editor John Holt, style is everywhere. Far away from a runway or glossy publication, it can be an act or a gesture, an accent or slang. It is simply everywhere, all one has to do is look. To help fund the title, John Holt sold his dream car, a 1974 Ford Escort Mark 1. Fittingly, a classic of British style sacrificed to celebrate the wider everyday. LAW is a title concerned with documenting the over looked and giving people a sense of belonging and recognition that they ordinarily might not receive. The aim is to make fashion accessible by challenging perception that it's an elitist world by showing that it surrounds us all. Throughout its fifty three page, it pauses to shine the spotlight on a patchwork of everyday eye catchers including passionate shop owners, matchmakers, tailors, brand devotees, dilapidated funparks and cursed football kits.

In amongst the grey concrete walls, LAW is a window to the world of of the current and undercurrent. A cross section of people, places and items that others blindly walk past, making it even more important to document. The bi-annual shines the spotlight on facets of Britain and localised symbols that would ordinarily not be known outside of these shores. Lets press our noses to the glasses and see...

John Holt sold his dream car, a 1974 Ford Escort Mark 1, to make his dream magazine. A classic of British style sacrificed to celebrate the wider everyday.

The featured sneaker collection of Rob Prentice. "There's almost a Nike culture in sneaker collecting", he notes with a smile. From ebay finds to splurges, this collection details Prentice pure elation for kicks.

Forgotten dreams of an English Summer featuring Christopher Shannon and Air Max 90s.

Dean Powell's Adidas archive. "When I was a kid everybody had Adidas Santiago football boots and I think the first trainers I had were black and white Adidas Kick." Three stripes, a wealth of knowledge and a fortune of stories.

Shirley Webb's editorial is close to home. Dreamland is a waiting to be restored themepark in my hometown of Margate. 

The famous grey Manchester United away shirt. United's record in this kit was as follows. Lost 4 and Drew 1.  A furious Ferguson demand that his team change out of it at halftime at The Dell. They were 3-0 down at Southampton. 

From Dave Imms series Butchers.

Giles Peacock has kept every pair of boots he has worn since he was seven. Above is a just a taster of the collection.

Beauty in the everyday right through to the back page. LAW's pebble dash print.

Here's hoping that LAW will continue to archive real characters and document a cacophony of historic British traces as they shift, evolve and disappear from our surroundings. I'll leave you with words uttered by Jason Evans...

"I differentiate between fashion and style, I think fashion is an industry and style is an inherent quality and I'm much more interested in style than fashion"


Anonymous said...

You're from Margate?

Rob Rob Roach said...

Appreciating the shout out for my nike kicks. What you got here is real smart.


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