Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bon Anniversary

Although conceived in a dark basement over ten years ago, Bon soon established itself as a publication to covet. With each passing season our coffee table longs for the latest issue to grace the pile of fashion magazines that bit more. It is a fashion and arts magazine that is all too easy to fall for thanks to its own simple, elegant, direct, insouciant aesthetic. Its in-depth articles and interviews on the state of fashion and creativity that truly captivate and excite the mind, whilst the fashion editorials have the ability to titillate, challenge and seduce.

To celebrate their ten year anniversary, Bon have created a special edition magazine featuring a selection of images including a robot like Justin Timberlake shot by Rankin right through to Ben Weller's exploration of modern retro tendencies in the latest issue for Spring 2012. The special edition magazine is available in selected outlets but below are a selection of shots that caught my eye...

Charlie Timms shot by Andreas Larsson with styling by Stevie Westgarth for Bon 58 (September 2011)

Robin Van Der Krogt shot by Anueshka Blommers and Nick Schumm with styling by Haidee Findlay-Levin for Bon 50 (September 2009)

Sam shot by Sandra Freij with styling by Bryan McMahon and art by Kim Jones for Bon 18 (May 2004)

Gabriel Gronvik shot by Andreas Larsson with styling by David St John James fr Bon 54 (September 2012)

Justin Timberlake shot by Rankin with styling by Alex Akiu and Annie Psaltiras for Bon 33 (September 2006)

Chris Tanner shot by Roger Deckker with styling by Haidee Findlay-Levin for Bon 48 (February 2009)


Kansas City News said...

Congratulations on making the Blogs of Note! Our favorite is definitely the dangling stars photo. Thanks for posting!

The Couch Author said...

Love the photo of Justin Timberlake

Matthew Spade said...

i really wouldn't have know that was old JT

Fachanwalt said...

Haha, that is justin? Now that you say it.. i guess I recognise him.

Nice photos, like your blog!


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