Monday, 9 April 2012

Loewe's Reporter

On a day that I am reluctant to do anything but lounge around the flat in my pyjamas, it is a little absurd to post about a reporter bag. There will be no acts of Lois Lane style journalism today. However, in the not too distant past I do recall a time in which I was not comatosed through this combination of over indulgence and classic film marathon which found me reporting on Stockholm Fashion Week for Bon. As I hopped from show to presentation to show again with film crew in tow my Swedish design investigation was aided by a borrowed beauty. A double pocket reporter bag by Loewe... 

Suit by Comme des Garçons Ganryu, silk shirt by Tim Soar, hi tops by Lanvin, 
pyramid stud by Bunney and reporter bag by Loewe.

Now, regular readers will know that I normally transport my blogging paraphernalia (camera, dictaphone and notebook etc) in one of my many backpacks but for this trip I was able to road test a nappa leather satchel. My long standing allegiance with rucksacks was forgotten the moment my fingers touched its butter soft body. I'm fickle with luggage.

What makes Loewe's leather so special? Well, Spain is internationally renowned for the quality of its lambskin and only the finest hides find themselves at Loewe. "Cordero entrefino español" refers to lambs bred in the cool heights of the Spanish Pyrenees. Ultrasoft, organically-dyed skins of only 0.7 mm in thickness are achieved by a unique combination of painstaking hand-buffing followed by a final polishing with glass cylinders. Yet even after all this, Loewe’s leather experts accept just three per cent of the leather produced. As a result, Loewe's napa has an unrivalled softness, suppleness and sheen. Everything that Loewe does comes back to the senses. I was seduced by its touch for the entire trip...

A closer look at my (working) holiday romance


halfwhiteboy said...

it's gorgeous. i don't see why you would revert to a backpack anytime soon.

Matthew Spade said...

it's a nice 'ne and pretty different from what we expect from the old backpacks

chicago moving company said...

It's very nice i love it thank you.


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