Friday, 24 August 2012

Puddle Conquering

The neck might be sun kissed and glowing as I type this but my heart and mind has already been transported to the upcoming seasons. Some of you might be clinging on to the warmth of summer but I long for those mornings from late September through to December where I can layer, wrap and envelop myself in an assortment of comfortable and practical fabrics. Wool, tweed, cashmere and leather all come in to their own. The body is no problem to protect but the feet are often left a little damp when puddle walking. Earlier this week I found the solution as provided by Swims in the form of their Charles Brogue. 

"Growing up with four distinct seasons in Norway, I never let go of the black rubber galoshes that my late grandfather passed on to me," explains Swims' founder Johan Ringdal on his invention of the modern galosh. Since this introduction to the market, the brand has expanded their collection to include a series of water resistant shoes. The goal has been to transform timeless styles in to even more practical options for the wettest of days. By marrying high density nylon and their signature rubber with a leather lining Swims have transformed the classic wing tip. There's more than a hint of the superhero about them...

A classic reimagined. These are puddle conquerors.


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