Sunday, 10 April 2011

Anglo Sky

Cobalt blue braided leather belt by Anglo in front of a blue sky.

Have you noticed how the mood lifts the moment that blanket of winter grey doom and gloom lifts and is replaced by a surrounding of blue? The last few days have seen nothing but hazy sunshine and near cloudless skies and everyone seems happier for it. I'm certianly in the mood to celebrate the arrival of warmer days. Yesterday, this cheer took me for a stroll down one of my favourite London streets, Lamb's Conduit Street in Bloomsbury, where I could not resist the retail allure of Darkroom. Since opening its doors in late 2009, I've popped in at every opportunity and often walked away with a little something. This concept store comprises of a curated mix of interior and fashion accessories alongside regular art and sculpture exhibitions which combine to continually pique interest. My latest visit was timely as they had just taken receipt of a delivery of colourful braided belts from Anglo.

Now, Anglo Leathercraft's belts and bags are all made in England using the finest and most intricate leather working techniques. The British brand has amassed quite a following in Japan, yet are little known in the UK. Darkroom is helping to change that though and the latest collection of brightly coloured braided leather accessories are perfect for the warmer months. So perfect in fact that I could not resist the cobalt blue option.

"Blue days all of them gone, nothing but blue skies from now on."


Mat said...

i'm noticing i'm wearing a lot of blue at the moment actually.. just today i had on a pale blue oxford shirt with a navy jacket. i think it suits me. belts aren't something i bother with so much, i always just tend to grab a brown one as i always think any other colour and my footwear doesn't look right with them....

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat: Despite being an Arsenal fan, blue is my favourite colour and my wardrobe exposes me for it. I have been obsessed with blue for so long. This is my first blue belt though, I will let you know how I get on with it.


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