Monday, 7 May 2012

3939 explores the Underground

Inspired by the bubbling ferocity of punk and founded in its aftermath, Underground's original creepers were first worn by new romantics, goths and new wavers in Camden and the wonderfully odd and undeniably British shoe, has been adopted by many a subculture since. With the label's winklepickers and steel caps still proving popular, it is their creepers which continually excite. As scenes and fashions have evolved and mutated at an ever-increasing rate, the creeper has endured. It is still the go to shoe for the intrepid, the rebellious and the subversive. Now, I have to confess to having once been somewhat intimated by the style but this phase of nervousness was soon replaced with one of curiosity. Available in a range of styles, fabrics and color ways and with four sole variations, the combinations are almost limitless. Underground's potent cocktail of history, credibility and endless possibilities is something that has inspired so many designers. This Spring/Summer season alone saw Sibling, William Richard Green, Mugler and some chap called Karl Lagerfeld collaborate with the shoe label to create versions fit for all manner of presentation and catwalk show. Joining this impressive roster of talent is one of my favourite London stores, 39-39

The co-operative lifestyle and retail foundations that 39-39 is built on is the perfect breeding ground for unique ideas, collaborations and exclusive products which are developed in association with a growing group of friends and family of which they obviously adore. Like all of their collaborations, this creative coming together with Underground makes perfect sense and the result is a stimulating shoe perfect for the sunny season (that I'm sure will grace us with its presence soon...hopefully). The creeper with its adornment of leopard print and studs, lands in store shortly but I couldn't resist borrowing the feet of one of my colleagues to shoot them in a recent rare moment of sunshine...  


With its single sole, traditional d-rings and addition of leopard print and 'The Night of the Hunter' inspired stud work, these are wonderful examples of a creeper done right.  In addition to the more familiar black, the detail rich design is also available in an optimistically bright hue of blue...

The Underground x 39-39 creeper will be available in store and online soon.


Matthew Spade said...

the zipper teeth is a nice edition

Peter Hoe said...

Hi there!
Hello from Malaysia.
Great photos.
The small metal "flat" studs are a great detail. It could be used on men's shoes in so many other ways.The leopard print on Black was simply stunning!!!
Keep on showing us the latest & the best in Men's Shoes!!!

johan said...

this blog is so nice.amazing creation.

Anonymous said...

Damn! sweet kicks! I'd buy it if it were a double soled one though! Needing the extra height!


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