Monday, 14 May 2012

Details... Familiar Tokyo

In many of the sporadic moments that find me away from partaking in bashing my bank balance or stuffing my face, I've been indulging in street style scouting (mainly as a trusty sidekick to Mr Street Peeper). From well over a thousand yards on a bustling street in Harajuku I spotted a guy awash in print and colour colour, sporting a familiar sight in Agi&Sam's smiley trousers from AW11. It was a delight to see an emerging London designer being worn almost six thousand miles away from home. We couldn't really understand one another but we nodded in agreement at our shared love. 


Matthew Spade said...

how can these not bring a smile to your (potato) face

Anonymous said...

I adore the toy car bracelet!

Gems x

London Fashion Review Blog

Catch said...

The toy car bracelet is indeed a nice idea. Just found out about this blog now. Will be visiting more often. :)


Duck said...

Did he buy them in Japan? Are they stocked there?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat: Exactly! So much fun.
Gems: Thanks for stopping by!
Catch: Thanks for finding us.
Duck: He said he did but I'm not aware of them having a stockist in Tokyo. I do know they are online at Night Vision (

CJ PRODIGY said...

Love the colour and patterns. I also live for the bracelet

zilch said...

Check out Japanese designer Odradek's '10 collection... lots of toy cars!



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