Saturday, 19 May 2012

Weekend Reading... Huge and Popeye


After a stomach stuffing delight of a yakitori meal Susie, Tommy and myself waddled in to a taxi in search of Tsutaya Books in Daikanyama. Having only opened at the tail end of the last year, the innovative new generation complex has already been hailed as the saviour of book stores by many and as we wandered the huge, well designed space we soon joined in the chorus of endorsement. Away from the wonders of cocktail reading lounges, private multimedia hubs and library in a forest design, the well stocked sections, rich in depth and obsessive detail were mind blowing. The choice of printed was both bewildering. Somewhat intimidated I opted to feast on the fashion and lifestyle magazines. After taste testing a number of titles including a diverse mix from Kinfolk to Oily Boy and Men's Precious to Tools, I walked away with two of my favourites in Huge and Popeye.

Despite my growing obsession with Japanese fashion titles I cannot read a word. The title of the post therefore is a lie. This morning has not been spent reading at all but I've been nonetheless engrossed in both publications. The editorials, inventive features and almost catalogue like presentation of the latest products affords plenty of food for thought. Now, I could have happily scanned the majority of pages but below are just a small selection of pieces that caught my eye. Lets pore over them together,,,

From the showcase of the latest Ganryu to its look back over the style of Japanese film icons this issue of Huge is a delight.

As a magazine for city boys this issue of Popeye certainly kept this urban dweller happy.


Matthew Spade said...

would like to get my hands on a copy of popeye said...

I love Popeye Magazine. There is always great styles !

Anonymous said...

I too don't speak or read a word of Japanese and yet I keep buying Popeye, Huge and Vogue Hommes Japan. I blogged similar thoughts on the magazines here
and here

In New York, Kinokuniya bookstore in Midtown gets the magazines shipped by air, so you can usually get them within a week of the Japan drop.


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