Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Dream brothers

Way back in September last year we were singing Topman's praises, so when Topman sent us through the information about their latest Lens collection, we got a bit excited. When we saw the photos the excitement was justified.

Here's their schpeil:
"Young Dane Kasper Harup-Hansen has been chosen to design an AW08 collection for Topman's Lens area this September. Kasper will join past successes Carolyn Massey, Dexter Wong, Mjolk, and Another Boy, all of who have been hand selected by Gordon Richardson (Design Director, Topman) and Matthew Murphy (B Store, Founder). All five designers will be available from the Lens area in Topman Oxford Circus, La Foret (Japan) and online as well as making their debut in New York."

Still not quite as widely available as I'd like (online doesn't count, you have to be able to try things on!) but when it looks this good I can forgive them. A little. It looks like the rest of the high street and the likes H&M have a fair bit of catching up to do...

Here are our favourites:


Layered tartans and that shade of blue? Yes please! Anyone who's at all familiar with Steve's wardrobe probably knows that he has a much-worn cardigan that's a very similar colour to this. I love the details on the shoulder of the blue suit (though I'm slightly concerned with the draw-string...). Put me down for the jacket on the left though please!

Kasper Harup-Hansen :

I remember seeing longer length tops somewhere on the catwalk, but I'm slightly surprised that Topman decided to take them on. I think it could look amazing styled just right... plus I just adore the bib bit of this shirt where the pattern is turned slightly.

Dexter Wong:

Mmm, layered grey done so well. I think I like the guy on the left best- that zip-up jacket is brilliant and I love the buttons on his... is that a waist coat? It's the trousers that interest me most of all. I've been loving the baggier trousers that have been all over the catwalks and these look like they could be amazing.

Carolyn Massey:

Ok, confession time. After looking at these pictures late last night I went to bed and actually DREAMT about this cape (hence the title of this post). I kid you not. I promise this is the first time that I have dreamt about a specific item of clothing and I am fully aware of how insane this makes me... however this does not take away from the fact that this is one cool bit of clothing. I've seen a couple of chaps wearing capes on Face Hunter recently and it looks surprisingly good.

I love all of these looks. Topman is leading the way on the High Street and it is some way ahead. My favourite look is the layered grey with the loose trousers. This is perfect autumn dressing. I posted about H&M launching a more fashion forward line but Topman have raised the bar yet again and left all competitors trailing. It is a;ways refreshing to see some style being offered on the High Street, I just hope that other retailers wake up to the fact that there is a market for these clothes.

Update: The Collection is available from 14th September. I'm sick of the lack of Summer let's just fast forward to autumn winter. I prefer autumnal dressing anyway, I can't wait to experiment with layers and textures again.


Matthew Spade said...

ohhhh well this is all exciting news. where did you find all the information on the new lens collection? and do you know of any news when the A/W topman design collection is out?

im so into the longer cut tops, il be interested to see if i can get my hands on that checked shirt. i got a longer cardigan from topman a while back, and i love that. the dexter wong stuff looks great too, i could see myself in the look on the left.

im not too sure if h&m will even be able to come close to this

StyleSalvage said...

We always have our ears to the ground and our eyes open at all times (we have no time to blink) to everything menswear related.

The collection will be available from September. I'm looking forward to autumnal dressing, our summer has sucked, I just want to forget about it and concentrate on layering cardigans and experimenting with textures.

Guirec Munier said...

U r a fashion addict ! If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels, dresses and bags of the Paris fashion weeks and many more...!

Anonymous said...

I love what Wong and Massey have done, esp. the cape - what's not to love?

Although I do laud Topman for their entrepreneurial move I'm a little hesitant to embrace the whole project wholeheartedly. It feels as if Topshop/Topman are gradually taking over the retail-world...


TheSundayBest said...

The lone dissenting voice...fairly underwhelmed. Odd for the sake of being odd. Lapels too big.

Old Man in the Corner

j said...

Funny about fashion. I first saw extra long shirts on black street kids here about 4 years ago.

A cape seems fun, but it is such a cliche, it will be hard wear anywhere but a costume ball.

Style Salvage Steve said...

DCB - Unfortunately there are some brands that are just too far ahead of the competition (google and apple are other examples) and this is worrying but hopefully to some degree it can inspire the rest.
thesundaybest: I'll go get you a blanket and a nice cup of tea. You are right about the exaggerated lapels - they are the only downside to the DExter Wong look on the left.
J - I see that as a challenge. I will find a way to wear a cape that will impress you.

Lost said...

The problem I have with topman is the quality of the clothing..
yes it may last a life time, but are these really keepsake pieces that can last?

Another problem is the Expensive price tag you find with it, it looks good, but when you feel the quality of it it is definitely not worth it, better to shop in other stores.

Topman however like you mentioned before seems to be far beyond the competition and swallowing up the limited market of men's fashion!

I agree with J about the cape - too cliche, not everyone will be able to pull it off, or live in East London and not be beaten for wearing it.


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