Sunday, 13 April 2008

Dear Topman

Dear Topman,

Why do you hate men?
Ok, maybe hate's a strong word. Why do you put so little faith in the fact that men want to dress well, that they're interested in more 'edgy' fashions? Let's compare what your sister shop, Topshop, provides for us women and what you offer up to men.

You have no less than TWO specialist ranges for women, Unique and Boutique, which seem to be available in most of your stores... or at least the bigger ones that I've been to.

Silk Pocket Dress by Boutique

You then have TWELVE other different designers who have created ranges for you, five of which specialise in just shoes. SHOES! Let's see what you offer the men...

Carolyn Massey Funnel Shirt

Four designers for your LENS range. It was five about a month ago, but Nueue seemed to disappear without a word. There are currently 19 pieces available altogether. NINETEEN! No shoes, no accessories.

Now don't get me wrong. The men that I know are grateful for this range... when they can get it. Yes, it's available online, but most people like to try stuff on first. And if you want to try on, you'd damn well better live in London. I'm sure you'll tell me that it is stocked in stores other than your Oxford Street flagship store, but if/when it is, it's a bugger to find. I have previously just stumbled across odd pieces from the range, tucked away among other clothes in random sizes with absolutely no signage whatsoever. What is the problem here? Don't tell me that it's floorspace as you devote half your shop to bloody jeans. Are you not proud of the range?

Sort it out Topman!


Oh not much gets you this riled up! Unfortunately, this isn't just the case with Topman we have seen it across the High Street and also online. Menswear is the poor cousin of womenswear...Unfortunately, women just spend more money on clothes, not only that but a greater percentage of women are interested in fashion and style...we are in the minority still despite the continued growth of the menswear market. Topman has taken many strong, definite strides forward in recent years but it will take some time for the store to reflect the changing attitudes towards menswear. I agree that they need to do more than they currently are though. I have been the victim (on a number of occasions) where I have seen an item within the Lens collaborations, only to see the item sold out in my size (small to medium)..the just don't stock enough and i am one of the few who have the items available in my local store (the flagship store)! I hope that within my lifetime, the floorspace is divided equally between menswear and womenswear...I'm having a Martin Luther King moment..."I have a dream..." What are our readers experiences, how do our readers from abroad fare in stores...?


Thomas said...

Considering there isn't a Top Man here, I can't say. But this tends to be the way with ALL the major retailers.

Thanks for the Fantastic Man and CD again...something will be winging its way towards you in the near future.

Cockfosters said...

I totally agree. I went to London and my girlfriend was so excited to be able to shop at Topshop again, so I too was excited to checkout Topman. What a disappointment. Same old same old. Nothing even close to fashionable. But then again, I think it's just a question of common denominator sales.


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