Saturday, 5 April 2008

Picture postcard: keeping it simple

Why hello there Steve,

A lovely looking gent courtesy of Stylesightings for you today. My obsession with wardrobe_remix has been upped the past couple of days since your post on the subject. Something I've noticed though is that more quietly stylish outfits (no bright colours or outlandish shapes) such as the one above don't get commented on as much as others. I suppose this is why I felt like lauding this picture today. I very much hope that this sort of outfit is this chap's standard attire: not showy, not over the top and with an excellent bag. Of course I don't want everyone to dress like this all the time, but if more people did, you wouldn't hear me complaining.

Note to self: bright white trainers aren't always the enemy.


Well, I have to agree with you that more men should dress like this. It is simple which should attract the attention of most and the look is pretty universal yet stylish. The bag is the perfect 'busy day' bag.


Thomas said...

Do we also need to look vaguely pissed off all the time?

EJ said...

Grumpy face comes as standard. Maybe this is what we should refer to as 'achingly' cool... it's got to hurt a bit to look that good.

StyleSalvage said...

He certainly isn't listening to any feel good music on his walkman!


j said...

Well, I have always maintained that the man makes the clothes, not the other way around. Now, this is just one photo so we should cut this guy some slack, but the whole thing just says "frump" to me and it is because of him.


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