Sunday, 20 April 2008

Smartening up

I had to return to Michael Bastian's rules because the last one left an impression with me.

Rule Number 10 - There are fewer and fewer guys who have to wear a suit to work. So there’s this weird thing happening where the cool guy actually wants to wear a suit, and he
doesn’t have to. The suit becomes a choice, not a gun held to your head.

EJ has told me that she is going to post about work wear in the coming weeks. It is certainly an interesting area of discussion. There are so many ambiguous terms, like smart casual or smart business that leave confusion and troubled decisions on what to wear in the mornings. Regardless of which terms are used there has been a definite trend of dressing down in the workplace. It has been well documented that a suit does project the right image of what it is to be a businessman. Dylan Jones has remarked "The way people dress at work, particularly the way men dress at work, is fantastically important not only in the way people perceive them but also how they perceive themselves." However, I have certainly enjoyed this casual-isation of office wear. It just makes things so much simpler as it means that if I'm going out after work no change of clothes is needed! However, although I've enjoyed wearing jeans to work I am beginning to feel that itch to dress up because...well, just because I can and we all look so much better in a sharp suit. I for one am pleased that the suit can be worn out of choice. Worn not because it is compulsory wear but because it just looks great!

I have noticed a number of stores opening up their own bespoke (and made to measure) outlets. Start London has recently opened a new men's made to measure store. I am ashamed to admit that I've not ventured down there yet but it caters specifically to tailored suiting, shirts and the customary accompanying accessories (think bespoke ties and handcrafted cufflinks), the shop is located on 40 Rivington Street and I will venture in the coming weeks.

Smarten up in this mid grey wool suit from Start London. The three piece suit comes with a one button single breasted jacket featuring classic lapels, a breast pocket and two envelope pockets on either hip, a pair of trousers with adjustable waist tab, belt loops and zip closure as well as a button up waist coat with silk back. The suit is as luxurious as they come, lined entirely in silk. My suit fund is coming along nicely and as soon as I invest it, I will let you know.


j said...

So what exactly is a bespoke outlet? It sounds like an oxymoron.

Stylesalvage Steve said...

Good point J, it is somewhat of a contradiction in terms. I am refering to a number of stores, namely Liberty and Start which have recently opened departments focussing solely on made to measure and bespoke services. If men can't face Savile Row, then they can veture into the likes of the Mr Start bespoke boutique. As well as a made-to-measure service (from £750), Mr Start also has two ready-made styles (from £550) on offer.

Thomas said...

Suits are definitely subversive around this office space - even the men who wear suits seem to be wearing "casual" ones. Ill-fitted, cheaply made, and with ridiculous, chunky shoes.

I desperately want to go to Portland, where one can have a suit made based on vintage patterns.

Stylesalvage Steve said...

Thanks for reminding me about my pet peeve Thomas. I really dislike the fact that the majority of men take 'causal' and equate this to a more relaxed/ill fitting suit. There is no excuse for ill fitting suits not even ambiguous dress codes!

-h of candid cool said...

I can’t wait to see you in your slick suit!

And on a broader scale on Rule 10, I feel as those fewer and fewer people dress up and general. Not that I expect people to look like they came out of the pages of a magazine, but enough with the flip flops/crocs and shorts and t-shirts.


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