Saturday, 26 April 2008

Awesome or awful?

I'm well aware of most people's feelings regarding novelty socks, but these from Ozone Design were so unusual that I just had to share. I think if I saw these trompe d'oeil socks on a friend it would make me smile, especially if they had been wearing similar shoes over them... but then I do have an unnatural love of the kitsch. The child in me also loves the boot knife and ankle holster socks too... what do you think?

Bonus Saturday links:
- Beard alphabet! Slightly hard to read, but quite fun. I would be very tempted to try and photograph something along these lines.
- A great post on Androgyny by Giancinephile
- Some very lovely menswear over at Style Bubble
- Oh, and I wasn't joking before about Style Salvage-related entries to the Diesel Wall competition. Get to it. I want to see Fred Astaire dancing with Joe Strummer plastered all over the Urbis before the year is out.

(I'm hoping you're getting a taste now of the hundreds of links I bombard Steve with on a daily basis... and these don't even include the kitten related links)


j said...

Yep, I think the socks fall into the wearable art category which I think is fun.

giancinephile said...

I find the boot knife and the ankle holster ones a whole lot of fun.

Sometimes, fashion can get too serious that's why I'd go for such novelty goods just for kicks. We need a little humour from time to time, don't we?

ianterrell said...

I think they're funny.

Thomas said...

Kind of...pointless.

-h of candid cool said...

my vote goes to the shoe sock

MrSmiff_ said...

I like the socks. Awesome!


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