Sunday, 27 April 2008

Off the cuff

Men's jewellery is a topic we've neglected thus far. Rest assured it is a topic I wish to tackle, but I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to find anything that inspires me (suggestions on a postcard!). The cuff above, found via Iain Claridge's blog, took my fancy somewhat. It's part of a collection of cuffs by re:vision, all of which are made from discarded camera components and 'reshaped with love'. An interesting idea but, starting at $190 (AU), a little pricey.

If you're interested, they're available at Oye Modern... which tells us that "re:vision brings old school cameras into an entirely new focus". There's no reason for me telling you this other than because I love a good pun.


j said...

I think men's jewelry can quickly get over the top. I just have a couple of beaded necklaces I wear in the summer and a watch with a leather band.

The bling thing can be amusing. I was at a baseball game and the batter complained that the pitcher's (this was a hot closer they just put in the game)diamond ear ring was distracting him (this is 90 feet away). The umpire told the pitcher to remove it. The pitcher got upset and started to argue with the umpire and so the umpire threw him out of the game!

giancinephile said...

Let's just hope when the creatives meddle in men's jewelry, it wouldn't be as if they're heeding out to David Beckham and P. Diddy.

I mean it should be sensible at least and not trying to make men look like they're trying to be those bling bling wearin' male celebs...

Thomas said...

When I saw this I really liked them, but as you say the price is a little off putting. It did make me wonder what would be involved in trying to make one of my own.

kpriss said...

I think (if it would actually work) it's suited for the photographers, professionals or amateurs, just those sharing the photo bug. It's very hard to distinguish what's the story behind this cuff unless you're in things like that.


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