Thursday, 24 April 2008

Short attention span

(Otherwise known as 'things that have caught my eye lately and, well, it's only 3 months and one day until my birthday you know' )

1. Print Liberation t shirts

I've not really been a fan of logo or t shirts with clever writing on them of late, probably after overkill on my part in my youth. That said, I really like the ones over at Print Liberation. I see this t shirt in particular as perfect Sunday gear, proving especially useful when the Sunday evening blues set in. I would be very tempted to wear the 'My boss is an asshole' tee one dress down day and see what happens...

If you're not tempted by their words, you can even custom order one that says whatever you want. Style Salvage t shirt anyone?

2. Flud Turntable watch

I know it's a bit gimmicky, but I'm a sucker. I never really got my head around those watches that cost more than cars, and at $70, the price seems about right. Found here.

3. Bontanika hooded coat

I saw this over at Brandish (it's environmentally friendly, as is the whole brand if you're interested in that sort of thing). I mostly love it because it's almost the exact same pattern as a coat I had when I was about 8 or so... and 12 coats is never enough, is it? You can buy it here, if you can handle Japanese.

4. Not for purchasing, just for... oddness

I'm slightly entranced by this. Not sure if it's genius or blasphemy.

EDIT: I get the feeling I'm going to be listening to this on repeat in the next month.


j said...

YES, I love it! I just started taking tap lessons this year!

EJ said...

Oh man! I would love to do tap, but I don't think I have the rhythm.

-h of candid cool said...

fred + justin, this made me smile.

and adorable mini kayne.


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