Monday, 21 April 2008

It's been a while since we had reason left to smile

In response to EJ's rant the other day high street menswear heavyweights Topman have returned with another cutting edge collaboration for the masses (let's just hope that the stock are plentiful and is available nationwide), this time a sunglasses project with Linda Farrow Vintage. Following on from last Season's White Shirt Project, this will be the second in a series of designer collaborations with Topman. The five designers for this season are Bernhard Willhelm, Kim Jones, Oliver Spencer, 0044 and Linda Farrow along with Topman Design.

My favourites are the Linda Farrow Plastic Aviator's:

Aviator sunglasses with dark grey translucent acetate frame and dark grey graduated lens 3 Views Available. 100% Hard Plastic. Price £50.

My shopping list reads as follows:
SHIB Bag (today I've found out that the prices for this vary depending on the choice of lining), Spring Suit (not yet found) and the above sunglasses. That is it. See how I've managed to control my consumerism!

Now all we need is some sunshine... The BBC weather report informs me that I might have a few more days to wait yet. I am just eager to start singing along to some classic Super Furry Animals...

"In honesty, it's been a while, since we had reason left to smile...hello sunshine...come into my life"

List Update - The sunglasses have been bought, using a £20 gift voucher given to me by EJ (she doesn't deal in money but she uses the old currency, instead of the usual animal though this time she gave me the voucher). Thanks EJ!


-h of candid cool said...

cool sunglasses. lfv does some awesome stuff

giancinephile said...

Finally, affordable Linda Farrow! haha

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!


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