Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sod it

I simply cannot be bothered with these complicated outfits any more. From now on I will only wear white shirts unbuttoned with abandon, black trousers and a killer quiff. When I am older, I shall subdue said quiff, and trade the white shirt for a black one.
I shall be Morrissey.

I kid of course. I cannot do without accessories and bright colours. But, for today at least, I'm practising my whithering looks. Who are you channelling today?


modernaged said...

I watched Blue Velvet last night and wore a black suit, black tie and a very dark blue shirt to work today.

I felt creepy all day.

j said...

I wear a nice white shirt with French cuffs and blue jeans a lot.

Stylesalvage Steve said...

I'm attempting to channel Great British menu into my styles. I have become hooked on the show even though Jenny Bond drives me insane and the pace of the show is almost torturiously slow. I'm dressing in a modern british way.

Thomas said...

Whoever I'm channeling, he must work in the worst library in the world.


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