Thursday, 19 November 2009

Damir Doma

While Steve is off gallivanting in Hong Kong with his lovely lady friend, I've been left behind replying to emails and watching the darts. Thankfully for me both the darts and the emails have been surprisingly interesting. When the lovely Charlotte at oki-ni dropped us an email to let us know that the Damir Doma archive had gone live, it rang some bells.

Wait- Damir Doma, the guy that did those amazing all red outfits?


Wait- Damir Doma, the guy who really knows a thing or two about shape?

Yep. (Man alive, that's a good outfit)

Wait, the man with those AMAZING boots with the zipper down the front?
Oh hells yes!

Wow, I love that guy. Why did I forget to post about him when I first saw his stuff? Anyway, a great choice for their archive series. Steve couldn't help but comment:

"I really like the idea of oki-ni's archive because it encourages people to think beyond the seasons and to pick key pieces from each collection. It goes against the throwaway culture of fashion. If you love a piece why not take good care of it and wear it for years to come? For a young designer like Doma it must mean a lot to be supported in such a way, with an archive that showcases his considerable design talent."

Hey Steve, quit muscling in on my posts! He's right though, it's great that they're showcasing someone so young and talented. Doma's designs are just that little bit left field- nicely androgynous with a bold use of colour and draping- while somehow still managing to be timeless (I know, I hate that word too). I am massively coveting his wide-legged trousers at the moment... and just look at these sandals!

Here's what Oki Ni's creative director, John Skelton, has to say about the man:

"Damir’s taste levels and attention to detail mixed with perfect execution and ability to create such a warm and powerful environment in which to show his work has captured the hearts and the minds of product enthusiasts all over the world."

And now if you don't mind, I'm going to finish watching the darts.


Style Salvage Steve said...

Sorry! I can't help it. As great as Hong Kong is, a part of me misses blogging...sad I know! Plus I love this archive!

Oh man, I missing darts? No doubt Phil 'the power' Taylor is cleaning up!

Syed said...

*Sigh* I so wanted the scarlet ninja looks, they were so amazing. And heck yes, those boots are soooo gorgeous. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend :)

Annmarie said...

Love Oki Ni! Love your blog! Just found it. Nice one.

Percy said...

Very nice although i cant quite see myself wandering up oxford street in something like this anytime soon! The boots are very nice though shame that the price will inevitably be colossal!
if anyone wants to check out my blog i've just started i would love to get some advice from the best!


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