Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Rediscovering Zinif

EJ has had a particular Korean online store bookmarked for some time now. Zinif has long been one of her favourites. Not because she has pocketful of Korean Won but purely because the site provides so much style inspiration. Long before the inception of this blog she used to send links to her wonderful finds as we both whiled away time at our day jobs. Every once in a while she rediscovers this online store and falls in love with it again, prompting another flurry of emails and reminding me how different it is to anything we use closer to home. This is online window shopping at its very best. To celebrate the old days, we thought we would invite you in to our little world and share our favourite looks along with our own excited ramblings with you...

EJ: I think that I like this look so much as it reminds me of Fantastic Mr Fox... an obvious connection given the fox tail accessory (I'm going to pretend that it's faux fur, because I really don't like real fur, it gives me the creeps). I love the gloves and the jacket, particularly the shoulder detail on the jacket. I've not seen a seen a polo neck worn this convincingly by a man in real life so far.
Steve: There can be little doubt that this look was inspired by Wes Anderson's vision of Roald Dahl's fantastic fox. After I watched this film, I came out of the cinema desperate to dress in such an immaculate, well tailored double breasted corduroy suit and (posted as such). Now, I would rarely recommend attaching any form of tail to a pair of washed jeans but I am prepared to make an exception here. The tail is quite unexpected but strangely works. Plus it so much better than the fox tail ties Opening Ceremony gave away. I too would like to think that the fox tail shown here is faux fur but a part of me really doesn't care because it is amazing!

EJ: I just love this jacket. I'm not sure how many men could pull it off, but that's not what window shopping's about for me. I think it would look great with a bit of costume jewellery pinned onto the lapel. Great bag too but I still don't really like pointy shoes.
Steve: The jacket is a little too much for me but it works on this dandy chap. I can actually see We Could Grow Up Together's Kwannam Chu rocking this look.

Steve: I am currently a little obsessed with double breasted jackets. On the right guy they can look amazing. I don't care what anyone says, well cut double breasted jackets look fabulous and this one looks great and is styled extremely well. I see so many terribly dressed guys on the tube each morning, I wish more looked half as god as this chap.
EJ: He really doesn't care what anyone says- I have been quietly nay saying most double breasted jackets for a while now to try and counteract his obsession. This look is okay I suppose at is nicely fitted...

EJ: Such a Stars Wars outfit for me. This amount of draping looks best in black I think... this is actually quite a lot like what I wear! I'd love to see more guys drifting around town like this on colder days, but I suspect that might be the goth in me coming out.
Steve: You know how much I love a Star Wars inspired outfit and this is my favourite pick of the bunch! If I had my way, this type of look would become my winter uniform. Actually, this is the type of look I think of when I think about South Korean fashion. I remember a well written piece in the New York Times which discussed how the country is shaping up as the next hotbed of innovative menswear, citing the likes of local talent Juun J and successful imports like Christophe Lemaire. This reminds me that I need to visit Seoul this year.
EJ: I want the scarf and gloves, but above anything else, I want this model's perfect skin."
Steve: The accessories steal the show here as they transform a well layered look in to something special. The scarf in particular is amazing and I want it too.

Unfortunately our knowledge of Korean is relatively limited (read that as non-existent) but we would like to inform the chaps at Zinif the following; "Onnimneun gamgagi joesineyo" which roughly translates as "You have great taste in clothes."


Arlando Battle said...

Thanks, loving this!

Michael said...

Wow - that site is great!

Jason Matthew said...

Wow.. the dressing design is really awesome
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Evan said...

id love to buy off it. Can we buy things from it. I cant real Korean or whatever it is?

hogan said...

i really like your commentary but i wonder if 'There can be little doubt that this look was inspired by Wes Anderson's vision of Roald Dahl's fantastic fox.'? i also enjoy browsing these korean retail sites for fun and it seems to me this kind of look was prevalent last year too... other than perhaps the fox tail. it's hard to tell where influences come from although we can make our own associations.

Otis said...

Haha loving that you referenced Star Wars.

Kevin Y said...

I know this article has been posted a while ago but all items on Zinif can be purchased from

The only problem is that all items are on wholesale price (good news) but minimum purchase is USD 300 excluding shipping (bad news)

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