Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Style Stalking... The Dandy Project

Now that the festive break is well and truly behind us, it is time for us to put down those Turkey sandwiches and lurk in the shadows once more and enjoy one of our favourite past times, style stalking. It has been some time since we enjoyed a bit of style stalking and we have a real treat for you, Izzy from The Dandy Project. Our blog roll is constantly evolving as we stumble across new favourite reads and bid a fond farewell to the ones which are sadly no longer with us but The Dandy Project is one which has been an ever present fixture. Izzy's knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to experiment with the odd DIY is a daily inspiration and if you've not checked out his blog, you surely must. Below is an introduction from the man himself followed by his seven day style diary...

I did this from Christmas day to New Year's Eve and I was inspired by the fact that while I'm home in Manila for the holidays, I can step out of the house without having to put on layers upon layers of clothing. I kept everything cool and breezy for the most part and I threw in a few recommendations here and there.

Day One: I spent Christmas morning at the supermarket, shopping for things to cook on Christmas day dinner.
Outfit: Super sunglasses, top from Urban Outfitters, J Crew khakis, Opening Ceremony desert boots

Day Two: Running errands. I was feeling a little (too) folksy
Outfit: Zara cardigan, vintage t-shirt from San Francisco, Topman necklace and belt, round glasses from The Garment District (one of my most favorite vintage/costume stores in the Boston area.) shorts from Urban Outfitters, Casio watch, Zara shoes


Day Three: Fooling around on the balcony of my parents' new flat...
Outfit rundown: Ray-Ban wayfarers, Dean and Trent v-neck (one of my favorite Filipino bands for basics), J Crew anchor belt, H&M green pants, Timberland lug-soled boat shoes


Day Four: Grabbing coffee with a friend
Outfit: Super sunglasses, DIY whistle necklace, Urban Outfitters t-shirt, J Crew khakis, Casio watch, Vans shoes


Day Five: At a homecoming party I threw for my friends. The theme was "raunchy", and I decided to go the subversive, subtle route...
Outfit: DIY Zara shirt (inspired my Mcqueen 2010), Topman necklace, Casio watch, Margiela nail ring, H&M jeans, Philippine-made boots from Cubao X (my favorite place to go for locally made leather goods and young designer clothing).


Day Six: Dinner and drinks out
Outfit: Boater hat from The Garment District, XXL button-down shirt from H&M, tailor-made black skinnies, Bottega Veneta penny loafers


Day Seven: New Year's Eve dinner at Le Souffle which offers great and reasonably-priced French fare in the Philippines.
Outfit: Tailor-made canvas blazer, Zara shirt, Husam El Odeh for Topman pin, Comme des Garcons belt, H&M pants, B. Store blue suede boots



Mouse said...

I think Izzy has one of the best (and jealousy-inducing) collections of shoes and tops I've ever seen...

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve - you need to get yourself on oki-ni. They have mr Hare shoes in most sizes at 50% off


StyleAnywhere said...

he is indeed a dandy guy!and his clothes, shoes, and accessories are just inviting! :)

Unknown said...

I had the exact same haircut a few months ago, lolz.

Andrew said...

love days 2 & 6
great looks

Indie Mom and the Reluctant Banker said...

I think Dandy Project is great for inspiration.

CW said...

Speaking of no longer with us, do you have any idea what happened to

Gracie said...

OOOhhh blue suede boots...YEAH!


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