Friday, 24 September 2010

Showroom Next Door SS11: BUNNEY

Earlier this week I described how I spent just over three hours immersing myself in the SS11 offerings on display from the the Showroom Next Door. The expanded Showroom Next Door was an interesting and vibrant place where fashion, art and craftsmanship could be appreciated side by side. Three hours passed right by in what felt like a matter of enthused eye blinks. One of the overriding reasons why time whizzed right by was my discussion with Andrew Bunney over his amplified embellishments.  BUNNEY evolved from a single item - a large size silver pyramid stud which came in a set of three to a magpies heaven during London Fashion Week. Designer, Andrew Bunney, has gradually added more sizes and materials as he has discovered them.

The expanding collection beautifully housed in a restored display case.

There is of course a long history and tradition of producing jewellery in England and Bunney has spent a great deal of time sourcing the finest workshops and craftsmen across the country to help him crate his vision. On a personal level, the manufacturing side is very interesting to him and it is a subject that stokes a great deal of enthusiasm when he describes it. He enjoys visiting different workshops around the country to learn what can be made and the possibilities that there are. As the trade is much, much, smaller than in years gone by, there are always difficulties and some traditions or techniques have unfortunately disappeared. Of course it would be easier to produce things more quickly in other countries, but sometimes it is about establishing relationships too and keeping traditions alive where possible. It is exciting to hear how Bunney's designs have offered new challenges to the discovered craftsmen. The collections balance of age old proven techniques alongside the very latest processes is what makes it so exciting to me.

Clare de Rouen and Mr Hare wearing their choices extremely well. Photography by Marius W. Hansen.

As his offering grows, his desire to create something quite unisex and versatile remains. One of the facets that makes style in this country so exciting is how people can appropriate and interpret items and use them in a way unique to themselves. Bunney says the concept focuses on giving freedom to the wearer “you wear them how you want, on a jacket or a shirt, together or separately”. The entire line not only facilitates individuality but encourages it. To mark the launch of the new items, he decided to shoot a look book of sorts celebrating a selection of industry folk wearing their picks in a manner chosen by them. I have to confess to being somewhat inspired by Marius W. Hansen's shots and began to daydream about what I would choose and the combination I'd wear them. Below are the items that caught the attention of my inner magpie.. 

15mm silver pyramid

10mm gold pyramid.

34mm silver and gold dipped badge.

34mm silver hammered badge.
 The latest pieces will be on sale at DSM, Colette and the F.I.L. stores in Japan and HK (the Visvim own brand shops) early next year. Until then, I will continue to daydream about my picks and the myriad of ways in which they will be worn.


meep said...

How lovely! I'm feeling the pyramid studs, I've also got my eye on this Brett le Bratt bowtie:

Duck said...

As I said before, I think I'm going to have to buy some of these... if only I could stop spending my money elsewhere!



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