Sunday, 12 September 2010

Snapshots: Mablethope 1927

Snapshots of style

I can still recall the frantic Terry Riley composition echoing around my skeleton as Patrik Ervell managed the unlikely but ultimately happy union of traditional tailoring fabrics of tweed, wool and twill with the fetish, wipe clean fabrics of latex rubber and transparent vinyl. Back in February my heart was thumping inside Milk Studios. One season on and…and nothing. This has nothing to do with with the design offerings for SS11 (far from it) but everything to do with a mere two thousand nine hundred and eighty three miles. It is nigh on impossible to get excited when I can not see the clothes for myself. So, as excitement bounces from show to show across the Atlantic, I've decided to temporarily turn my back on the future fashion on the catwalk and instead focus my gaze on the style of the past. This mood has been greatly enhanced by a discovery at Vintage at Goodwood. Taking a break from crowd voyeurism and vintage rail rummaging we spent quite some time hunting for second hand home wares. Amongst the fantastically ornate picture frames, cufflinks and various trinkets, Susie picked out a photo album.

Entitled Snapshots, the discovery is of full wonderfully posed moments of an unknown group of friends in addition to a few loose mixed shots accompanied by pencil scribbled notes. The first series of shots follows the gang on a a seaside trip to Mablethorpe, dated 1927. This isn't street style, this is promenade style at a time when George V sat on the throne and Cardiff City beat Arsenal in the FA Cup final.


For me, these black and white shots serve as a welcome antidote to early fashion month fatigue and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


Jane said...

Thanks for sharing these shots.

Staticgirl said...

My family comes from Mabo and we have our own archive of similar shots. I've chosen my fave examples of male style for you to look at. I hope you enjoy:
Father and Child on the beach:

At the fairground:


Great Uncle Fred - Having one leg didn't stop him looking cool:

Dressed up for promenading:

Maria said...

I flicked through this album at Goodwood and nearly bought it! What a coincidence!!

I loved how the shots were obviously staged in the same spot and the people told to look as if they were walking! x lovely x


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