Sunday, 26 September 2010

In discussion: Neglected items of clothing II

Over the last couple of weeks or so we have concentrated our blogging efforts on highlighting the key SS11 collections on the catwalk and beyond but as you all know, there is so much to discuss on and around menswear beyond the goings on in Paris, New York, London and Milan. With this in mind, we've decided to take a breather from tackling Menswear Day and instead shift the focus on stocking the conversation fires. Here we've asked a selection of our favourite store owners and bloggers to put forward their favourite neglected or long forgotten items of clothing and accessories...

"Sweat pants. I cannot get enough in my life."
Ian Paley, Garbstore.

"Well, I'm a big advocate of the bow tie. Not just for formal events. And every gentleman must learn to tie a bow tie!"
Matt Fox, Fine and Dandy.

"I don’t like to say as a generalization that men should wear more of a certain garment as I am definitely of the opinion that what works for one will not work for another and in my opinion the key to having a great style is knowing exactly which pieces work for you. I’m also a massive fan of people who will wear something that is completely off key within their honed style and really ask questions of the observer, ie ‘I know that this guy has great style, so why is he wearing that really off key piece that doesn’t work with the rest of his get up?’ . This for me is a real statement of confidence in a person’s style and generally if they stick with a certain one of these pieces long enough it will eventually become a trend at some point."
John Skelton, LN-CC

"I would like to see men loosen up and bring in more glamour into the way they dress:
  • Cravats – I think they’re really handsome and are surprisingly quite warming in the winter.
  • Velvet – on coats, jackets, slippers. Black, burgundy, bottle green, or even yellow.
  • Dressing gowns/smoking jackets – I had quite a discussion with designer John Little on our wishes for a dressing gown. He wants a functional dressing gown executed with architectural/couture detailing, whereas I want a dressing gown/blazer hybrid that I can wear out as a jacket."
The Dandy Project, blogger.

"I wish more men wore hats - not those garish fitted baseball caps or newsboy caps, but proper hats.  It just adds that extra elegance and charm to a suited look.  I suppose proper etiquette would have to be observed when wearing a hat, but I think it would make for a far more polite and enjoyable experience.  Plus whenever I see elderly people on the street it always feels a bit odd saying "Good Morning" or the like when I pass, they tend to be wary, however tipping my hat would make it far easier."
Dapper Kid, blogger.

Is there an item of clothing or accessory that you'd like to see more men wear? Let us know below...


Adam Marc James said...

A jumpsuit / playsuit / All-in-one.

Is there anything more effortless than a onsie?

Love your blog, by the way - have been following it for months.

Cindy Van Dyck said...

How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

Thanks and love,

BlackBox said...

Im a woman but so incredibly fascinated by classical menswear culture. So im inclined to agree with Matt Fox - the bow tie is amazing. Unfortunately it looks rather silly on many young takes a certain amount of style to carry it! Also i love those velvet slippers with golden embroidery. Old school. A scent of cigar in the air. Love.

Anonymous said...

There are so many who say that men neglect hats as a fundamental of their wardrobe, but I say that's for a good reason. While I'm a firm believer in classy head gear, and even own a few bowlers, fedoras and trilbies, I find that a hat can speak so much louder than the rest of what you're wearing. Suddenly a well tailored, well thought out suit becomes significantly less significant due to the presence of an over-attitude-exuding chapeau.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Adam Marc James: Thanks! Agreed, there's very little more effortless than a onesie but I'm not sure that I'd like to see lots of men wearing them.
Blackbox: Now that is an scene that I'd love to see more.
Glamour Bbey: Thanks, will do!.
Anonymous: Hats are difficult. I for one, would like to see more men wear them but I agree that they can shift the focus away on an outfit because they have become so uncommon. Perhaps if more men wore one then they would be noticed less.

Matthew Spade said...

may be a suprise but the item i neglect the most would have to be proper shoes. i hardly ever wear shoes, i used to loads around 17-21 but over the past few years they only come out about once a most. i still have a few pairs which i love but are more of a formal thing. tend to wear either desert boots usually. but saying that, this week i have bought some grey and black saddle shoes, i WILL be wearing these

great discussion


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