Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ally Capellino for Apple ipad satchel

Practical, tactile, unstructured, casual, wearable and classic are all words that one associates with Ally Capellino. The label has carved out a niche for finely constructed bags for discerning men and women, providing accessories that are both protective and functional without compromising on style. Of course, collaboration has been a key facet of the recent development of the label. In 2006, Capellino created a collection of bags for Margaret Howell, Topshop and the bestselling artist’s set for the Tate Modern Gallery. However, the most intriguing collaboration began in 2008 when the label worked with Apple.

The resulting AO range sees original Ally Capellino bags and sleeves tailor made for the variety of mac products, from leather sleeves for your Air to a dispatch satchel for your pro. Computer bags and laptop sleeves tend only to focus on functionality. There is rarely any subtlety or element of eye catching design to them. Thankfully, Ally Capellino offer an alternative. As Apple create their seemingly ceaseless conveyor belt of covetable gadgets, Capellino adapts and creates beautiful means to carry and protect them. The latest fruits of the collaboration see Ally Capellino create her first ever exclusive Apple iPad satchel. Oh if only I had an ipad. Before the November 22nd launch, we managed to catch up with the designer to hear her thoughts on the latest addition to the range and learn that she'd love to try her hand at furniture design...

Ally Capellino for Apple ipad satchel in navy canvas.

SS: Could you introduce the ipad satchel in your own words...
Ally Capellino: Well in the vein of other computer bags that we have done it aims to keep away from looking like a typical black nylon thing and to have the relaxed and slightly retro feel that we specialise in. I hope that it doesn't shout 'I've got my iPad in here!'

SS: The range manages to feel decidedly classic while being truly innovative and modern at the same time. How did you approach the design process for the satchels?
Ally Capellino: I like the problem solving aspect of working to a brief, I suppose that the design side of it is just in my DNA now and so that leaves the other bit to work on. The market for these things is a bit different to our fashion market and the bags are being bought by some very particular people who want to keep their hardware looking perfect and in a virtually factory condition. It's sometimes a strange mix with our bags which we like to see aging gracefully. We have used some of the colours that have already worked well for the Apple products, ie the khaki, but then added some of the highlight colours that we have been getting a good response from in the main collection - ie orange.

Ally Capellino for Apple ipad satchel in leather.

SS: You first collaborated with Apple back in 2008, how did the collaboration arise and how has the partnership developed since?
Ally Capellino: Well the right person at Ally Capellino managed to get to speak to the right person at Apple Europe at just the right time. They were open to the idea, but it took us a year to come back to them and another six months to get the product right and probably the same again on contracts etc. They are big and American, and we are small and British so it's been an eye opener.

SS: How important is collaboration to the label and who would you love to collaborate with in the future?
Ally Capellino: Well different collaborations bring different benefits, this brings us a new European audience and a stable income(relatively) Our Tate collaboration allows us to get some really starter priced things out to a very varied audience, and then things like the bag that we did with Norse projects has brought us new international customers for our main business. I would love to do something with furniture or interiors as well, as long as the materials are nice and interesting I'll have a go.

Ally Capellino for Apple ipad. Khaki and orange canvas satchel.
Available from November 22nd.


Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

These are brilliant :) 

Brandon said...

These are lovely Steve thanks for sharing. Was wondering if you had any good laptop cases that you knew of? other then the usual Incase stuff.

StyleSalvage said...

Rosa&Carlotta: They are, now...if only I had an ipad.
Brandon Acton-Bond: Well, funny you should ask. Susie's next post will be a little feature on laptop cases (including one incase collaboration). What laptop do you have? I always prefer document holders to be honest (the postalco one being my favourite) because most laptop cases are a little ugly. I love the AO leather envelope cases for the macbook air though!

Lee said...

I love my iPad. I'l definitely have to get it one of these. I'm particularly fond of the leather one.


Brandon said...

Thats great Steve I asked her last time I saw her about them and she was loving her Whyred case. I have a macbook pro 13" so its pretty basic. The thing is I have to carry mine around all day in school so I need a really padded case to slip it into (right now I'm using this terrible cheap thing I found at Zara) I might just end up settling for an incase product I do like their new furry lining :).

Wendy said...

Great to see such a collaboration between an electronics manufacturer and a fashion designer. And a very cool outcome. Love the bags.

Justyna said...

Love your post guys and your blog is superb!!! i have been looking for something like that for ages now! thx :)

Alex Ingram said...

this bag is so fresh |


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