Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Disovering Tokyo...Ragtag and Junya


Apologies in advance for another gushing Tokyo post but my recent trip was just too amazing to move quickly on from! I just have to linger with the memories and purchases. I knew that the retail landscape would blow my tiny mind but I had little idea just how good the second hand offering could be. Of course we are treated to a few well stocked stores over here but there, it is on another level. At every turn there are shopfronts and signs willing and able to entice with promises of designers bargains inside. The pick of the bunch is Ragtag. The stock was impressive both in terms of sheer volume and quality, whilst the prices were just too good to pass on. Over the course of our week stay, we explored each and every single Ragtag atleast once.

Before Tokyo, I never knew second hand shopping could be so exciting and addictive. The only possible danger was becoming overcome by it all but I managed to focus my eye on snapping up Japanese designers only. After a week of happy hunting I walked away with real bargains by a number of Rei Kawakubo's gang. My favourite find was a striking blue Junya Watanabe MAN jacket.   

Catwalk image from the Junya Watanabe MAN AW10 show from GQ.com

Under Kawakubo’s watchful guidance and as her most famous protege, Junya Watanabe has established himself as a true fashion innovator and creative visionary. Having worked with Kawakubo at Comme des Garçons for eight years, he launched his own womenswear line in Paris in 1992 before unveiling Junya Watanabe Man in 2001. Ever since his critically acclaimed designs, often bolstered by technical innovation and superior craftsmanship, have explored new cutting techniques, experimental fits and advanced fabric technology. 

Now, I count myself as one of the many Junya Watanabe fans that are seduced by his eye for detail and ability to breathe fresh life and excitement in to wardrobe staples. The only stumbling block from having a wardrobe full to bursting with pieces by the designer is the price tag that comes with them. Wanting what you can't or really shouldn't have is certainly a form of torture. Thanks to the Shibuya Ragtag, I could finally treat my wardrobe to one of the real highlight pieces from AW10 at a fraction of the price it was sold for just a few months ago. 

Coat by Junya Watanabe Man worn with shirt by Comme des Garçons Homme (another Ragtag buy) and combat trousers by Wooyoungmi.

A few details shots

Casting an eye over my bank balance bashing buys, I would say that I most with this jacket. Having longed for a Junya Watanabe MAN piece for some time now, I'm just so pleased to finally have on my coatrack. Thank you Ragtag! I'll leave with a particularly apt Rei-ism... 

"What does not sell today, sells tomorrow"
Rei Kawakubo quoted in the twentieth issue of 032c


Milan Boya said...

love this topcoat!


Chris White said...

I'm loving junya right now but it's just so expensive.

Matthew Spade said...

what a colour, suits you sir

Brandon said...

This trip was clearly a good one of your AW2011 season, another nice coat from the land of the rising sun. Good job!

Everyone who talks about Tokyo tells me about their adventures in Ragtag (or as they all like to say Ragutagu) and I am breaking out in hives with jealousy to see how clearly it is everything everyone says.


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