Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting to know The Only Son

During the recent succession of press days and presentations there was one label in particular that captured my slightly weary imagination. Now, I tend to know exactly what I'm going to see within each showroom but The Only Son was a welcome surprise.  After rail upon rail of AW11 wares scattered across the capital, I found myself most excited by this new find. The Only Son's well blended cocktail of late nineties minimalism, utilitarian sportswear and androgynous dressing was both inviting and pleasingly intoxicating. Drunk on design I was eager to learn more about the label.

The Only Son is the brainchild of Au Ekbutr Udomphol, a Bangkok native who honed his talent at Ksubi, Sass & Bide and Christ before returning to Thailand to launch his eponymous line for AW10 ('The Only Son' is the English translation of his Thai name, Ekbutr). It is the Sydney Institute of Technology graduate's exercise in truly unisex apparel. He designs for strong women and open minded men. The tone of the label, which also includes a jewellery line and a range functional and robust bags and statement shoes, fits in with today's new sobriety perfectly.

For AW11, in a collection entitled 'The Visible Writer', Au Ekbutr Udomphol takes inspiration from the lives and works of literary greats. During my visit to the A.I showroom, I was soon seduced by the combination of soft layered fabrics and clean, crisp geometric cuts...

Look book image courtesy of The Only Son.

Having seen my enthusiasm for the the label and knowing our love of a studio visit, the lovely Adam Iezzi offered to be our roving reporter on his next visit to Thailand.  We do love a studio and what better way to further acquaint ourselves with our latest designer find than to have a nose around their working environment? What follows is his visual diary of the trip which includes a sneak peek in to what The Only Son have in store for SS12...

All images thanks to Adam Iezzi.


Giancinephile said...

Maybe I should also go investigate about this label myself when I hit Bangkok in the coming months!!!

Anonymous said...

you should do a post on the mdx show! :)

Coral Garrett said...

The perfection on the patterns, the minimalism... makes this brand really a sign of sophistication. Great. thanks for sharing.

Brandon said...

Well you know me Steve I am all for unisex clothing and I love how unexpectedly unisex it is! Did you get a chance to see that green sweater/scarf (?) in person? What is it made out of? It looks very interesting. Also are those leather cummerbunds or just belts? Or even part of the shirt? Finally that first white shirt, what is going on with the pockets?

Verrrry Interesting and deff one too watch! Thanks for sharing!


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