Saturday, 18 June 2011

Weekend Reading Tip...b magazine


As soon as b store's eponymous publication was first unveiled back in September we were hooked. Now on its fourth issue we still cannot put it down. b magazine is a publication that sells ideas and information. Editorially driven, it looks at creatives from a wonderfully unique angle. The world it weaves through and explores means that this is a publication that is nigh on impossible to put down. It concerns itself with what they are reading, rather than what they are wearing and worries more about familiarity than fantasy. In this stellar fourth issue we are introduced to a number of gallery gangs, hear tales from four filmakers who are distorting the space between reality and epitome, fall ever more for the tailored charms of the delightful Ian Batten, immerse ourselves in 90s clubland and are taken on a brutalistic tour of the capital. It is quite the read.

Entitled HEAT WAVE, the issue helps us get in to the Summer sensibility (in spite of the current threat of a torrential downpour) as photographers Aitken Jolly, Mel Bles, Alex Sainsbury and Nick Dorey shoot the very best that the warm season has to offer and preview b stores’s first full womenswear collection designed by Natascha Stolle. Despite tempting me with the label's womenswear, it is the men's editorials that get me hot under the collar as they showcase combination after combination of key pieces from my favourite designers. Below are just a few of the highlights...

Top three images taken from Steppin' Up with photography by Alex Sainsbury and Jason Hughes as fashion editor . Bottom three shots taken from 'Groovy, laidback and nasty' with photography by Mel Bles and Steven Westgarth as fashion editor.

As I wait hopefully and somewhat impatiently for the the return of the sunshine (and daydream about those Wooyoungmi boots), I'll continue to immerse myself in and feel the editorial warmth of b magazine's heat wave.


Matthew Spade said...

i look forward to picking a copy up next time im in manchester

Anonymous said...

Great blog, fab pictures and tks from Christopher! Check out Copenhagen - the GOODS store a little clothing temple for "real men". Excellent quality, edgy cuts and a superb atmosphere


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