Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Coat, My Gift from Wooyoungmi

After seemingly months of mild, indifferent weather the first real signs of winter have induced more than a few 'brrrrr, it's a bitt nippy out' exclamations. As the mercury tumbles, I've been reaching for the neglected knits and trust winter warmers. Others might complain about the cold spell but I love these chilly mornings. These moments to layer, wrap and protect in an assortment of comfortable and practical fabrics are some of the most exciting and interesting. However, I've had to wait on my winter coat until now...

Now, you should recall that I took part in the London edition of a Wooyoungmi's collaborative project, My Coat, My Gift. Whilst raising money for Art Against Knives, the label joined forces with Selfridges in a celebration of both the classic Wooyoungmi coat 'No. 51' and the rising creative talent the city. Amazingly I was asked. The auction might have long passed but last week my own version of my collaborative coat arrived. Oh, I love it so and this weekend saw its first outing...

My own My Coat, My Gift coat from Wooyoungmi made extra warm with the addition of a wool scarf from COS, worn with thick wool trousers from Topman Design and my British Remains creepers.

I've already rambled about my creative inspiration and input in a previous post  but the simple reason why I love the jacket so down to the skills of Wooyoungmi's design team. The talented bunch managed to interpret my excitedly blurted out key words and fabric ideas and create my ideal version of their classic coat. My own My Coat, My Gift is full of texture, layers and fabric play...

A few detail shots.

Of course, it is amazing to have had the opportunity to rework one of my favourite designer's most recognised pieces (not to mention meet the lovely sister's themselves) but the real reason for this whole collaboration was to raise money for Art Against Knives, a charity using creativity to tackle knife crime in the capital. Now, I've only worn the coat a few days now but I've already been greeted with more than a few "oooh nice coat!" Moving forward, for every compliment  the coat receives, I'll donate a pound to the charity.


Matthew Spade said...

i think you are going to get a lot of comments on this jacket, really nice idea what you're planning on doing. it's sure to raise a lot of smiles and glances too.

the upper fabric reminds me of the old chanel jackets you see on glamours ladies

J said...

Nice jacket there Steve.

Duck said...

Looks even better on than modelled by a mannequin! Shame it was too small for me... How much money did you end up raising?


Marian said...

Great Jacket... great blog.... brothers are doin it for them selves :-)


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