Saturday, 10 December 2011

Treasured Items... Mr Hare

There are few occasions where my two passions, Arsenal and menswear, collide. Today, as our other obsession celebrates its one hundred and twenty fifth birthday, we're pleased to share a fitting treasured item with you. Regular readers will know just how much we love Mr Hare. As you should all know by now he makes beautiful shoes but we love him that bit more as he's a fellow Gooner. As statues of Arsenal legends were being unveiled to press and fans alike outside of the Emirates Stadium, Hare revealed his most treasured possession, a customised NSW Nike Destroyer jacket. Now, as we have said before, every item has a story to tell and this jacked is packed full of personal narrative. With his choice of customisation for the sportswear giant's most iconic piece of outerwear, our favourite shoe designer has celebrated his passions... 


Mr Hare and the customised Nike Destroyer Jacket


"I wanted an Arsenal Destroyer jacket, just like the one you have actually.  I had been looking for the perfect black bomber jacket everywhere for ages. The only one I had seen that I liked was a Hermes one but that was something like £5,000 and it got to the stage where I was contemplating giving the credit card a bashing but I'm so glad that I didn't. After the Hermes incident where I practically had to slap myself out of being stupid, I was drawn to a Givenchy one but they were just so damn small. When this came out, I was just over the moon. It's just so perfect. However, I was away when they were released and I missed out. I went in and pleaded with them but then they said 'don't worry, we can do something much better' before leading me off to the customisation room. An awesome surprise. It was then the case of choosing all of the added features that I wanted. I could do almost anything. The only limitations that I encountered involved the positioning of the embroidery work due to their grid system which is why the double exclamation mark Mr Hare logo on a patch, along with the A. In all it only took a few days.

I've had it two weeks now and it is already my most treasured item. I don't have many treasured possessions but this is one of them. It is so personal to me. The line on the back is my favourite feature. As it is a Destroyer jacket, I thought about what I'd like to destroy and the one thing it came down to was racism in authority. This line is the best description of defeating it. It comes from Dead Prez, you'll know the track as soon as it plays but you might not necessarily be familiar with the line...Mr Hare

On Hare's strict instructions we just had to share the video with you. Watch it.

It might only be a recent acquisition but there can be little doubt that this jacket is a most treasured item. From the embroidered official Arsenal 'A' above his initials to an official unveiling of his new double exclamation mark logo to a sentenced spat by Dead Prez adorning the back, this jacket could only be worn by Mr Hare. Come on you reds.


vegetarian said...


jeff said...

This just ain't cuttin it . It's really overdone . Poorly cut . And its a freakin varsity jacket with meaningless decals. I wouldn't even have worn a stupid varsity jacket when I was in high school .

style and fashion said...

men..i do live your hair.. ;))

Style Salvage Steve said...

Jeff: I think you're missing the point of this series. The details might meaningless to you but they're not to Mr Hare and it is his treasured item afterall.

Dan said...

Fresh as always, cool feature guys.

Calc said...

err is it me but it looks a bit small :O( Waaaah otherwise fantastic


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