Monday, 30 January 2012

Details... Neoprene-ing

Neoprene is such an intriguing fabric. Invented by DuPont scientists on April 17, 1930, Neoprene (thankyou wikipedia) is a family of synthetic rubbers that has a wide variety of applications, from wetsuits to orthopaedic braces. For AW12, Raimund Berthold follows in the footsteps of Christopher Bailey, Raf Simons and Italo Zucchelli in using this foamy wonder. Here, he models a sweatshirt and I was drawn to the silhouette of the cuff.


BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

it looks great.

Syed said...

As much as I think Raf has fallen off the past few years, I was really into his neoprene sweatshirt (...even almost bought the COS clone). There is something about the feel of it that is quite nice. Makes me think of armour, without being warlike.

George G said...

I feel the same way about Raf, Syed. But after I'd adjusted my view of Raf to include him in the mainstream (as opposed to heading the pack of the more alternative menswear brands) I felt better about some of the things he designed. I think his work on Jil Sander had a lot to do with that, as Jil under Jil never really interested me as much, and there was a purity to his Jil Sander womenswear that I thought was brilliant.

I actually bought the COS clone - it's quite good for the look, at the price. Plus it holds its body, which is key for that oversized overshirt layering trend that is ever so firmly taking hold in the collections. The Japanese magazines had done spreads on how short-over-long layering was THE look for FW 2011, so I was convinced early on (so susceptible, haha!). And since barely anyone else is wearing COS in the US, it has a bit of cache by being unavailable. Well, at least until COS makes their ecommerce available in the US...

I'd love to see what Berthold is doing with his line... the preview is intriguing!

Luis said...

I want a neoprene jacket badly. They had one at Uniqlo, but are sold out. :(


Luis (my blog!)

Rodrigo Zepeda said...

This fabric looks great! (Specially because it was invented on the day of my birthday, although not exactly that same year lol)
Can't wait to get a coat made out of it.

Matthew Spade said...



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