Saturday, 14 January 2012

Third time lucky

Over the last three New Year celebrations I have managed to lose my glasses twice. The first pair of tortoiseshell glasses from Bruno Chaussignand fell to their death on a grimy warehouse floor in Dalston. As the drunken fog lifted, its body like most of my recollection of the evening itself, were lost forever. For months I had searched the streets and stalked the Internet on the quest to unearth the perfect pair of glasses. Once found they were lost during an over enthusiastic dance move. Undeterred, after a little money squirreling, a replacement pair was on my nose and stayed there for some time. Somehow they even survived to welcome 2011 and months of wear followed. However, they would not take part in the countdown for 2012. I managed to lose them in my own home. Despite hour upon hour of fruitless searches, hopeless furniture moving and desperate spring cleaning, they are buried deep in the bowels of my flat. I've come to the conclusion that, as much as I love them perhaps a change is needed. So, rather than plump for a third pair I decided to look for a new frame. Throughout the comedy of errors that plagued my previous eyewear preference, there was one launch that raised my pulse and left me daydreaming of having them grace my nose. It was here I returned.

Early last year Oliver Peoples launched a limited edition Vintage collection with much fanfare and deservedly so. It consisted of three frames all known by their original names, The O’Malley, the 1955, and the OP 505. In efforts to retain the same craftsmanship and integrity of the original before it, founder and Chief Designer Larry Leight worked with original Japanese factory to reproduce this special batch of optics. As much as I admired the trip of frames, it was the OP 505 that really caught my eye.

A closer look at the detailing on my OP-505s

It was the first style introduced in the debut collection back in 1987 and featured a filigreed antique metal temple and bridge detailing. So, frustrated after a festive period of squinting and safe in the knowledge that a few frames remained I popped to 20 20 on Tottenham Court Road for a speedy solution. Following a long and trying (for the examiner rather than for me) eye examination my order was placed and the very next day, the OP-505 graced my face and followed me to Pitti Uomo

contrast shirt by One Nine Zero Six and tweed sleeved zip up jacket by Dries Van Noten.

Having failed to take good care of my glasses on two occasions already, I'll strive to look after these as well as I can. 

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Matthew Spade said...

very nice choice, the frame thickness in variant is quite unusual really. i can't say i've seen any other just like this. very professorial.


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