Sunday, 29 January 2012

On my bike...

In a month that hears so many resolutions declared with a mix of positive intention, sheer hope and wild abandon, I've stated that I need to exercise my ageing shell before the task becomes insurmountable. Rather than so many short-lived resolutions that are made at the beginning of the year only to be thrown out with the brown lifeless twig skeleton of the Christmas tree (thanks largely to the allure of a well filled sarnie of leftovers), I hope mine lasts. In addition to the physical, there's also a practical element to it. After so many frustrating commutes of unpredictable bus journeys, I've decided to take matters in to my own hands (and legs) and invested in two wheels. Having cycled back from the Tokyobike workshop on Friday evening two things became clear. Firstly, my fitness is even worse than estimated and secondly, I have to rethink my commuting outfit. The task is balancing style with functionality.

Now, with the likes of Rapha, Pedaled and the Timothy Everest designed John Boultbee line (to name but a few), there are a number of options out there. However, rather than merely splurge on my own capsule collection for cycling, I've opted to rethink items already hanging in my wardrobe. Thankfully, my search was greatly helped by the relatively recent addition of a few items from the Nike x Undercover Gyakusou AW11 collection. Merging the best in modern innovation, the third installment of this intriguing collaboration is rooted in a simple philosophy focused on fulfilling a crucial mission: to create the best running product that strikes the perfect balance between style and absolute functionality. Ignoring its concentrated focus on pavement pounding because lets face it, I think taking up jogging is quite literally a step too far for me, I decided to take advantage of its stylishly packaged fabric innovation for my endeavours on two wheels. Today I road tested two jackets whilst striving to find a balance between sportswear and tailoring...

Two jackets from the Nike x Undercover Gyakusou AW11 collection worn with... 
a white t shirt from Sunspel, my trusty Ganryu suit and Lanvin hi tops.

"From the first collection, I have a consistent concept on colour. I pick the ones that blend well with the nature and the city at the same time, which is an important concept for Gyakusou”, explained the designer. Takahashi designed the collection with thoughtful details that diminish distraction and enhance the meditative quality of running while fitting perfectly in the classically Japanese environment. These pieces have certainly inspired me to get mobile but when I'm stationary, it is hard not to admire the details...

A number of close up detail shots.

"Technological innovation allows designers the freedom of new shapes and fall. There are so many new man-made fibres in sportswear. For designers, it opens doors." This sentence was uttered by the curator of the V&A's Fashion Vs Sport exhibition, Ligaya Salazar,  in the exhibition notes and it has stayed lodged in my brain ever since. The effect sporstwear has on fashion should not be underestimated. Lines like Nike x Undercover Gyakusou which combine the best in modern innovation, such as advanced lightweight, waterproof and breathable materials with traditional craftsmanship, help make the influence that more obvious. Now I'm on two wheels, I'm attempting to strike a covetable balance between style and functionality. Here's hoping this resolution lasts.


Matthew Spade said...

i remember the video they had on tres bien a few months ago, it all looked proper slick rick didn't it. the trainers looked great too. there's tones of interesting sportswear out there, especially in the trainer department. now where's yee bike?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat: The accompanying images were great as well. The entire range is so considered and well executed, looking forward to seeing the next instalment. I did think about including the bike in these shots but felt too cheesy standing by it. Will have to take some action shots soon.

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