Friday, 8 June 2012

The Bunney and Derek Ridgers hop in to DSM

As I rode the design wave of the final Menswear Day back in February, crashing from show to installation to presentation, a rare moment of considered calm was found and cherished at Bunney's installation. As ever, each carefully crafted object celebrates the personal and the special but alongside his cabinet of treasures, Bunney presented a selection of works by Derek Ridgers and a newspaper that celebrated the photographer's iconic work. Seeing them side by side, the synergy between the London based jewellery brand and photographers work was obvious. Building on the success of the paper and installation, the presentation continues with the unveiling of an exhibition in the basement of Dover Street Market

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with Ridgers' work, from the mid seventies through to the late eighties, Ridgers captured some of the most significant movements in British youth culture history by aiming his lens at often nameless, always authentic individuals who made up those scenes. As As Jason Jules noted in the introduction to his utterly absorbing conversation with the London based photographer in the first Bunney paper, "through his body of work, Ridgers captures the potential of expression through style, the potential of individuals to communicate powerful statements using the body - clothes, hair, tattoos, as the medium. It's a language that goes beyond fashion and beyond trend." It is the same language that Bunney himself speaks fluently. As the man himself noted about his own line, "With my work I want to create products that are precious, sometimes things that aren't typically seen that way but pieces that can always endure. While I design with a use in mind, I would love to see people interpret or wear in ways that I have never thought of. UK style has often been about reappropriation, and I think what males people find that so exciting is that the wearer really dictates how something can be worn."

Produced by Rupert Smyth Studio the exhibition features limited edition prints of selected work by Derek Ridgers alongside a few of the newest additions to the treasure chest of Bunney's jewels and the odd special item. They don't come much more special creative coming together between Bunney and Lewis Leathers. The craftsmen of both brands have reimagined the iconic Dominator Jacket in sheepskin, tweaked details including the lightning zip and added specially hallmarked studs. Stunning.

The exhibition runs until 21st June and greets you the moment that you make it down in to DSM's basement but if, for whatever reason, you can't see in person then take my hand and lets go on a pictorial whiz around the space... 

From the selected work of Ridgers to the exclusive jewels by Bunney and that special jacket, nothing is out of place.

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