Sunday, 24 June 2012

Style Stalking (Snapshot).... Ian Batten

Having spent well over an hour talking design and shop with the ever charming and excitable Ian Batten at his Highgate base, I just couldn't resist taking a quick snapshot of the creative talent. In recent weeks I've become fascinated by whether or not designers wear their own creations and if so, how. Much like the designs he has created since the launch of his eponymous line, Batten's everyday wardrobe has a considered, detail rich, ageless quality to it...
Ian Batten wearing a shirt and a parie of jeans from his own label paired with well loved Russell and Bromley brogues, topped off with a pair of tortoiseshell glasses from Anglo American perched on his forehead.


Joy Davis said...

It is super casual but still refined. It blows my mind how some people make that work.

James said...

A real treat to see a slightly older guy on here. Great style.

we could grow up 2gether said...

true streetstyle comes from the real streets. not from those "oh-im-just-on-mah-way-to-the-prada-show"

love this entry so. inspired!


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