Saturday, 23 June 2012

Weekend Reading... Paszport!


One of the few perks of being ill these past couple of weeks is that I've had Euro 2012 to keep me company. I didn't miss a ball being kicked during the fascinating group stage. From the nervy Poland v Greece game to the Quarter Final prize winning nod from the now fuzzy head of Rooney. Some games have been more entertaining than others but I've enjoyed every minute. Joining me on the sofa has been the tournament fanzine Paszport! The fruits of a delightful one-two (the likes of which Xavi and Iniesta would watch on in admiration) between much celebrated creative agency Mother London and our good friends from The Rig Out.

Launched to commemorate enthusiastic travels throughout Poland and Ukraine, Paszport is a one-off fanzine that pays homage to the classics before it that have been excitedly flicked through on journeys home. It is a smile inducing and thought provoking publication. With contributions from Casuals author Phil Thornton, one of our favourite journalists Jonathan Wilson, Perry Boys author Ian Hough, poet Mike Duff and not forgetting considered additions from a diverse team of writers from far and wide, it is a squad packed packed with talent. It is a publication that will be enjoyed far longer than the trophy lift. Below is just a few pages that caught my eye...

The publication is available in the usual suspects of Oi Polloi, Present and Mother London.

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Si said...

Great looking mag.


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